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“… It rocked the entire audience of 130 people. There were farmers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists from young to old… Everyone felt that Randy was talking to them. It was a profound experience.”
– Celeste Barr, Beaver Brook Association

Randy’s keen ability to connect the anecdotes of his inspirational and eventful life to your desired message will captivate, engage and educate your audience.

Upcoming & Noteworthy:

This morning at 9:40am, Randy completed his huge goal for the year 2020–running 2,020 miles! Averaged over 7 miles/day–in 287 days!

Words for Wednesday: Topic for 10/21 — A Pathway to Peace and Kindness.

October 28 – Bigelow School, Newton MA

October 31 – Eastern Star International Meeting – Randy virtual keynote

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Randy is sitting and smiling broadly, looking at the camera, holding both See You at the Summit and Four More Feet

Now Available

See You at the Summit

Randy’s personal story – an inspirational journey through adversity to improbable heights

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Four More Feet

Randy’s quest to conquer all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000 foot mountains in a single winter season

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