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“… It rocked the entire audience of 130 people. There were farmers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists from young to old… Everyone felt that Randy was talking to them. It was a profound experience.”
– Celeste Barr, Beaver Brook Association

Randy’s keen ability to connect the anecdotes of his inspirational and eventful life to your desired message will captivate, engage and educate your audience.

New & Noteworthy

This week nine years ago: Randy, Quinn and team summited Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Wildcat A and Wildcat D–for peaks 42-47 on their way to completing the historic “Winter 48.” Only Cannon remained!

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Randy and Quinn climbing the summit of Monroe in the familiar image, but a bit different this time. There is a starry night sky in the backdrop. At the edge of the image are hashmarks counting off $5,000 increments all the way up to $75,000. As the total rises, so does the bright blue, partly cloudy sky. $31,500 has been raised so far.

Track our 2021 fundraising progress toward the summit goal of $75,000!



Going the distance together to lend a hand, or paw, to those in need!

For our new development campaign–2021 Peak Partnerships for Success–we’ve set an ambitious goal to raise $75,000 this year in support of Future in Sight and Guide Dogs for the Blind. This will provide desperately needed funds to these two vital charities! How can you get involved?  Read more!


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Raising funds to provide needed services for the blind

Funding the cost of training guide dogs

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Inspiring people to reach beyond any perceived limitations

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Poster of Quinn and Randy climbing a mountain with the following words superimposed: Climb Your Mountain. Trust, Commit, Persevere, Build Your Team, Believe and Achieve, Reach Your Peak Potential.
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“Now is the winter of our discontent” is a quote that was popularized by William Shakespeare in Richard III, and also the title of John ...

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Randy and Brent on a sunny day, taking a pause from biking and doing a fist bump. Randy wears a tie-dye shirt and helmet and Brent's shirt is blue.
Fireside Chat #2: Join us with Dr. Brent Bell from...

When: Saturday, February 27 at 7:00 pm Where: Sign up here for free access to the Zoom link My friendship with Brent extends back to ...

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A corner of a room with green walls, with a window and a small table that contains a statue of a young child playing a lute, and also a recorder and some candles.
Morning methods to better my day...

"Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to ...

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Randy in a Patriots jersey stands in his living room, beside a wall of Patriots celebration photos and a lifesize Tom Brady cutout (Patriots football player) that is poised to throw a football. Randy is looking back at the cutout, posing like he's ready to catch the football. 
Tom Brady tosses lessons for success...

Organizations often invite speakers with the intent of extracting secrets, subtle or otherwise, for their success Success may be measured ...

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