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Why the Inaugural Bru 5.4 K saves lives: BE FAST on May 4 and beyond!
03 May
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy and Autumn sit on a treadmill in a sunlit room, with Randy holding a runner bib that says "79"At 5:40 p.m. on May 4, 2020 I’ll turn up the speed on my treadmill and run a virtual race to support Tedy’s Team, an organization started by Tedy Bruschi to raise awareness of stroke and heart disease while supporting survivors on their journey.

This is an easy choice for me as my family has been significantly impacted by stroke, as well as my friend Tedy Bruschi. Fortunately my mom, dad, and brother Rick all survived their strokes and for the most part overcame the accompanying challenges. Tedy’s Team works hard encourages early recognition to save lives and ease the comeback possibilities for millions. Their mantra is one we can all follow and share whether we are runners or not: BE FAST!

BE FAST is an acronym to help you quickly recognize the common signs of a stroke. If any of these signs are present, call 911 immediately.

B      Balance Difficulties
E      Eyesight Changes

F      Face Drooping
A      Arm Weakness
S      Speech Difficulties
T      Time to Call 911

Randy Pierce, Tedy Bruschi, and Rodney Andre the day prior to the 2019 Boston Marathon.So while I’ll be running hard on Monday evening, likely on Facebook Live for those who want to join me for the race and post-race Bruschi Brew, the real time for any of us to BE FAST is when we observe these signs in ourselves or those around us. Just a few moments could make a critical difference.

So there are many ways you can be a positive part of the team. whether you run the race, support the team or simply help us share the message for all of us to BE FAST, you are helping to change lives!

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