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Why am I jumping off a 24 story building? To Join LIVE UNITED Over the Edge 2018!
15 Jun
By 2020
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“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

Woman in workout gear, helmet and repelling harness is poised on the edge of a building

I sure hope I don’t have to be pushed! When Doug Kilgore first reached out to explore my interest in the LIVE UNITED Over the Edge 2018!event it’s interesting to note my first reaction took for granted I’d jump off a 24 story building. The question for me was how it made sense for all involved to have me join the teams. These are people who are making a difference all the time with their charity work and gaining attention with a rather big step on this event. When Mike Apfelberg called to invite me to join the VIP team and encourage me to help raise awareness for the event I was appreciative for the opportunity and eager to try and help. So first things First, let me strongly encourage you to visit the Live United Over the Edge 2018 website!

I work hard with an incredible team of support on our 2020 Vision Quest charity. I love our mission and am proud of the great work we have been doing for 8 years. I’ve committed to reach out to my community for fund raising events just twice each year, the Future In sight Walk for Sight which just took place on June 2 and our signature event, the Peak Potential Dinner and Auction  which is well underway for our November 17 Gala! I love how much our community has responded particularly to our most important event, Peak Potential, and hope you are putting your teams together for ticket/table purchases even now!

The reality is there are so many great causes out there and for each of us different reasons will call us to support different callings throughout our lives. I want to always be worthy of consideration for the donations our all-vollunteer team earns and I want to support anyone who is caring, connected and desiring to be involved in support of the many other possible inspirational causes out there. My hometown of Nashua is well represented by some worthy teams of fund raising jumpers at this event and just as our mission statement suggests:

2020 Vision Quest leads and inspires students and professionals to reach beyond adversity and achieve their peak potential. We believe in leading by example, in climbing the highest peaks, and in sharing our successes and challenges with each other. Funds raised through these endeavors will be given to two remarkable organizations which benefit the visually impaired community: the Future in Sight and the internationally renowned Guide Dogs for the Blind.

So I am sharing their stories and on Thursday, June 28,  around 5:40 p.m. I’ll lead by example as I jump off the Brady-Sullivan building to symbolize the many people who would be over the edge without the training and services provided by our charity efforts and those of the many other teams jumping on the following day. If you are inspired to donate to 2020 Vision Quest we always welcome the support and if you are inspired by the many other people and missions who will also be going over the edge for their passionate belief in making a difference, please choose to give at: Live United Over the Edge 2018 website!

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