A wide shot of the Andes Mountains with a snow covered Mt. Ausangate in the center. The 2020 team of eleven are hiking in the foreground on a beautiful day.

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When Opportunity Knocks…
01 Dec
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

“While the optimist and pessimist argue about the fullness of the glass, the opportunist enjoys a refreshing drink!”

In southern NH there’s a pair of smaller mountains well worth visiting for a short hike. The Uncanoonuc
(pronounced: un-ca-noo’-nuc) mountains in Goffstown, NH are close to where I live in Nashua. They offer a few different routes with generally mild hiking challenges, though the steepest trail takes a bit of effort.

On my first trip, I delighted in the unexpected mountain offerings so close to my home but was dismayed to find the top marred by litter. Specifically, there was a fair bit of broken glass which gave me “pause” to worry for Quinn’s paws. The story might have ended there had I not been contacted by a Trinity High School student interested in working with 2020 Vision Quest for a project called “Love your Neighbor.” This project was intended to allow students to reach out within their community and make a difference.

We brainstormed some initial goals: help raise charity funds and hopefully include a hike together. We thought about adding value to the experiences to make them appeal to more folk and involve the community. Flyers were created and distributed to publicize the hike.

On Saturday Nov. 24, a group of us gathered at the trailhead to hike to the summit together. With trash bags and many helping hands to clean up the area, we turned the experience into more than just a hike. Many from the community chose to make a donation in appreciation of the efforts. These dollars will be donated to 2020 Vision Quest to further our many missions.

This effort became about more than just cleaning up the litter on the treasured local hiking spot. Embracing it as an opportunity to do more was an excellent change of direction–the day we spent building our community while helping the community was a refreshing new adventure! Thanks Michelle and the entire group from Trinity!

Stay tuned a future blog for the inspiring tale of our new friend Chris who joined us for the journey as well!

One response to “When Opportunity Knocks…”

  1. Sherpa John says:

    And quite a few Trinity students stood atop Mighty Uncanoonuc for the very first time I bet.. offering a different perspective on the city they live in. Kudos!

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