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What we need to succeed: Your help with our book!
27 Oct
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy and Tracy pose with copies of "See You At The Summit"See You At the Summit is starting well but needs your help to keep climbing to the heights we hope for this labor of love.

Many friends and members of the 2020 Vision Quest community have already purchased their copy. I’ve had plenty of positive feedback even as folks are just underway. There are many measurements of our success and the most important one to us is your enjoyment of the experience, the journey you take with us while reading the book. So far, that seems positive and I’m glad and hope the trend continues. Amazon has metrics for success which greatly influence our overall success. We want this book to reach as many people as possible and to do that we hope to encourage steady sales. Remember that we are donating all of our proceeds to our 501(c)(3) charity, “2020 Vision Quest.”

How can you help?

1) Write us a review on Amazon as soon as possible!

2) Share your opinion and experience with the book and our story as much as you feel comfortable: on social media, with book clubs and at your independent book stores!

3) Email us to suggest to us a place for a book signing!

Are there other opportunities for us to consider? Undoubtedly, and we welcome all suggestions. Better still, help us coordinate those suggestions — we are going to be busy trying to promote as best possible but we will work with every reasonable suggestion because we believe in this book and the benefit it may provide on many levels.

Why should you consider helping?

That is entirely dependent on your personal inspiration and motivation with the work we attempt here at 2020 Vision Quest or in our own personal lives. We chose to publish independently because we believed in our own efforts and the support of our community to help lift this book to its proper place. We think the quality of the product has enough worthiness for our efforts and we hope you’ll feel similarly once you’ve read the tale.

What’s the peak potential of this book? That remains to be seen, but it’s a journey, like much of my life which we’ll most likely discover together. I truly believe in T.E.A.M — Together Everyone Achieves More — and this is one of those opportunities to reach new heights together.

Thank you for the consideration and I hope to See You At The Summit!


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