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What is Ability Awareness?
10 Aug
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

Some challenges seem too great if you focus on what you can't do.

I am absolutely not intimidated by the term “disability.” I have a disability–several actually–though the primary inability to see is what is most referenced with the term. Disability effectively means what I cannot do, or more accurately, what I cannot do at this particular time. It’s a reasonably apt description and I believe that most of us could generate an extensive list of things we cannot at present achieve.

Understanding our limitations is valuable for certain. However, I find it far more valuable to focus upon an awareness of what we can accomplish and that is why I prefer to put the emphasis on the phrase “Ability Awareness.”

Ability Awareness is an emphasis on all that is presently possible for us to accomplish. Perhaps equally powerful is the realization that converting a disability ability is frequently possible through the process of goal setting and problem solving. I consider this process and potential to be a part of the notion of “Ability Awareness” as I use it in my personal approach to life and as I discuss it in our presentations.

I hope many will give thought to how much more important what we can do should be than what we cannot. Similarly, I hope most will come to believe that what they cannot do is vastly limited by their willingness to believe and problem solve. The rewards for me have been incredible and I’m reasonably certain are part of anyone’s ability to reach their peak potential.

Turning disability into ability!

*Photos courtesy of Tracy Pierce and Justin Fuller.

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