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What fuels your determination and resiliency?
13 Mar
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy Pierce, Tedy Bruschi, and Rodney Andre the day prior to the 2019 Boston Marathon.

Randy Pierce, Tedy Bruschi, and Rodney Andre the day prior to the 2019 Boston Marathon.

Autumn, a black and tan lab in the grass next to an empty harness.

We miss you, Autumn!

As someone with fairly ordinary physical gifts, I have been asked many times how I have frequently accomplished things many might list in the extraordinary category. I often lean on the determination and resiliency I’ve continuously developed to aid in my achievements in all facets of my life. I believe that the “practice makes progress” mentality includes the strides we can all make in both determination and resiliency. As such, finding a source for them which works for each of us is important.

I’m presently attempting to run a half-marathon every single day in March in order to support Tedy’s Team in the Miles for Meaning challenge. In April, I will undertake a similar goal as Team with a Vision raises their charitable bar for MABVI/United in Stride in a Coast to Coast distance challenge. Both of these experiences will require the endurance and dedication to push myself and likely manage moments of adversity several times throughout.

How will I fuel this? I often refer to it as the power of purpose. In each case, there is significant meaning behind the causes for which I’m undertaking any action. When I can connect my difficult action to something I value, I’m on the path of motivation.  My own health; helping support and encourage stroke awareness, prevention, and comebacks; blind training and services are just some of the above examples. What is the purpose in each of our lives and how can we connect it to things we want to accomplish?

When Autumn’s tragic death preceded my September 7 virtual marathon by just two days, I could have quit or delayed very understandably. Instead, I chose to dedicate the effort to our bond and all the love, joy, and partnership we shared throughout her life. In every moment of struggle, I turned the inner voice of doubt in my head to a reminder of how much I valued her and wanted to demonstrate my appreciation. The result was my fastest and strongest marathon ever.

This is not always a reactive choice either but a proactive approach to resiliency. March 16 is the anniversary of my match with Autumn and this time is the first year we do not celebrate together. I knew the day has the potential for challenge. I know also it will be a day I pass the half way point on my half-marathon per day support of Tedy’s team. I’ll be using my passion for Tedy’s cause and my celebration of Autumn in partnership to help me deal with the difficult parts of the day. Resiliency requires knowing where you are and where you want to go. I know I’ll likely be in some emotional struggle and I’ve given myself something positive to focus my thoughts and actions which will involve my sweet girl and allow me to appreciate our bond as it fuels me through my goal.

What are you passionate about? What is your purpose and how do you feel the positivity of knowing you can matter in this world? How can you use those answers to fuel you through your challenges?

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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