A wide shot of the Andes Mountains with a snow covered Mt. Ausangate in the center. The 2020 team of eleven are hiking in the foreground on a beautiful day.

Capturing Randy and the 2020 Vision Quest Mission

2020 Vision Quest, Randy, and various members of the team have been featured in a variety of videos that showcase both Randy’s personal approach to life and the closely related 2020 Vision Quest mission. We invite you to experience these videos—drawing from the myriad instances of entertainment, motivation, inspiration or life lessons they may bring to you personally.

No Mudder Too Tough (3 mins.)

Randy was invited by Oberto Beef Jerky to visit Los Angeles in March, 2015 to compete in a grueling, 10.5-mile Tough Mudder team event. See the compelling video that Oberto produced as part of its “2015 Heroes of Summer” series; it includes footage of Randy’s smashing success at one stop along the course that involved a stretching leap from a 20-foot tower onto a T-bar trapeze, then a full extension to ring a bell hanging high in the air, then a plunge into water far below to the delight of a large, loud, supportive crowd.

TEDx Talk – Springfield, MA (16 mins.)

In Randy’s October 2015 talk about Transition Trauma–just a week after his return from Kilimanjaro–he discusses what can and should be the most difficult moment of any challenge and shares several thoughts on how to ensure the most positive result. Keeping to the theme of a Brand New Day, Randy uses his transition from fully sighted to completely blind as a framework for anecdotally demonstrating his perspectives for understanding and manipulating the risks of transition trauma. He provides particular insight into the impact of an often over-looked concept: social risk management. Ultimately by choosing the right response we may all achieve a vision beyond our sight.

TEDx Talk – Amoskeag Millyard, Manchester NH (24 mins.)

In this important presentation from November, 2014, Randy delivers several of the poignant messages he believes can be valuable to any of us in our lives. He also shares a few of the more fun anecdotal demonstrations of those messages, and shows the comfort with which he can present to any audience. The TEDx conference theme emphasized “community,” while Randy’s presentation focused primarily on “Reaching our Peak Potential.”

Hiking in the Dark from Windows to the Wild (27 mins.)

In July of 2013 Randy and Quinn had the honor and pleasure of a hike up Mt. Willard in Crawford Notch with NH Public Television’s host of the popular “Windows to the Wild” show Willem Lange. This “Hiking in the Dark” episode won a Boston/New England television Emmy for “Outstanding Magazine Program/Special.” Randy and Willem share much insightful conversation along the trail, and meet up with many other interested hikers on a warm summer day in the White Mountains.

Four More Feet Makes Winter Hiking History (2-min. trailer)

Four More Feet is a documentary about Randy who—as a totally blind hiker—takes on the challenge of hiking all of New Hampshire’s 48 four-thousand foot peaks in a single winter season. Aided by his dog guide “the Mighty Quinn” and various human teammates, he has just three months to complete this quest. Far more than just their story, this film provides powerful messages of perseverance and problem-solving for all audiences and ages.

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Blind Ambition – Independence Day 2010 Climb of Mt Washington – (4-min. preview)

Why did Randy, Quinn and Team 2020 choose to begin their quest with this most renowned and perilous peak? Stunning scenery and majestic views provide the backdrop for the start of the journey to the summit of Mt. Washington and the founding of 2020 Vision Quest. It will likely leave you wanting more…

Blind to Failure – Independence Day 2010 Climb of Mt Washington – (17 mins.)

The challenges of a blind hiker, Dog Guide, and team undertaking the summit of Mt. Washington as their first official hike of the 2020 Vision Quest produce unexpected results. Moments of glory, failure, sadness, and elation provide inspiration and motivation for anyone facing adversity. Method and meaning come together as does the team in our first documentary for 2020 Vision Quest.

HBO’s “Inside the NFL” Fan Life: Randy Pierce Full-Tilt Full-Time (11 mins.)

Randy’s passionate appreciation for NFL Football and the New England Patriots is well-known throughout New England. When HBO’s “Inside the NFL” released their video about his life and fandom it gained national attention and a Sports Emmy award nomination, with theme and messages that extend far beyond those from any athletic playing field.

More Videos Available

These excellent clips are just some of the tremendous coverage we’ve received. We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel or our In the Media page.

We do believe, however, that this video collection could not be complete without this marvelous tribute to the Mighty Quinn from our winter hiking accomplishment:

Bonus Video for fans of The Mighty Quinn (3 mins.)