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The essence of our mission as we strive for our “Peak Potential”
15 Jun
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

As we officially begin our fourth year of charitable service, I am tremendously proud of the support and achievement realized by 2020 Vision Quest. We have developed three primary points of emphasis which not only showcase considerable success but also tremendous hope for how much more we might accomplish if we continue to earn the trust and support of an ever growing community.

4th grade, Memorial School - Bedford, NH

1) School and non-profit presentations.We provide to any school or non-profit organization a demonstration and message of Ability Awareness, Achievement through Adversity, Teamwork, Communication and more. These have been exceedingly well received. In just three years we have reached an incredible 26,000 students in schools alone!

We feel strongly that these efforts are important in supporting our community, and we hope that these efforts will in turn encourage community support for our efforts, including the fundraising necessary for the second part of our mission.

2) Fundraising for the blind community. We allocate half of the net dollars we raise to the two organizations that have been most essential in helping me manage the transition through vision loss. Due to our incredibly supportive community, a hardworking staff, and the nearly tireless Mighty Quinn, we are proud to have just made a pair of disbursements to Guiding Eyes for the Blind and the New Hampshire Association for the Blind in the amount of $20,200 each! This was double the amount of what we could contribute last year and both organizations have expressed overwhelming appreciation for the results of our efforts.

I will certainly be striving to sustain such incredible support . As Quinn must sadly near ever closer to retirement from work, I even dare dream that one year we’ll be able to deliver a check which may match the cost of a Guide Dog to these organizations: $45,000. This will require much work and more tremendous support in growing our community and our fundraising.

3) Inspiring others to do their best. We hope through all of our efforts to help inspire others to strive for the very best of accomplishments for themselves and our world. While the results of this may be the most difficult to measure, the thousands of testimonials we have received suggest we have a very positive impact on our community.

Our Mission Statement is:

2020 Vision Quest inspires people to reach beyond adversity and achieve their highest goals — personal, professional, and philanthropic. We believe in leading by example, in climbing the highest peaks, and in sharing our successes and challenges with each other. Funds raised through these endeavors will be given to two remarkable organizations which benefit the visually impaired community: Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and the New Hampshire Association for the Blind.

Peak Potential 2012

Right now I’m delighted to celebrate three years of accomplishment and to heartily thank so many for having helped us achieve so very much already. I am similarly excited to announce the official launch for our Fourth Annual Peak Potential Charity Dinner and Auction. This fantastic celebration is also our largest fundraising event.

Ticket sales have officially begun! As our thanks to the many friends of 2020 Vision Quest, those who purchase an 8-person table by August 24 will enjoy an extra savings. So whether you are signing up to join us, helping us acquire quality auction items, or simply helping us share the news of our event or mission, we welcome all the support you can provide as we attempt to continue the great work of 2020 Vision Quest.

Last year we sold out the event. We hope you’ll attend and help us achieve that again this year!

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