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Tom Brady tosses lessons for success
07 Feb
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy in a Patriots jersey stands in his living room, beside a wall of Patriots celebration photos and a lifesize Tom Brady cutout (Patriots football player) that is poised to throw a football. Randy is looking back at the cutout, posing like he's ready to catch the football. 

Randy is ready to catch Tom Brady’s pass!

Organizations often invite speakers with the intent of extracting secrets, subtle or otherwise, for their success. Success may be measured in a variety of methods and measures for certain and doesn’t necessarily include their speaking ability. Actions speak louder than words; this happens often enough to ensure the extraction of key points from obvious success and it can provide the motivations and direction to help many people and companies follow the path to success.

I certainly believe in our keynote presentations but I don’t have 10 Super Bowl appearances backing up my resume. I do, however, have a little history with Tom Brady, and want to break down a handful of the lessons he can teach any of us striving to succeed. Ultimately, whether you appreciate his profession or any of the many discussions of his accolades, there is little doubting the incredible success he’s achieved regardless of the results of Super Bowl 55.

  1. The emphasis is always on TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More
  2. Goals – there is a very clearly defined overarching goal. A “vision” in my parlance.
  3. Planning and preparation is a foundation to his approach to nearly everything.
  4. Do the work – tale after tale confirms the work ethic behind the success.
  5. Focus Forward – put failures and success behind you to emphasize the present and aim towards the future vision.

While we may not all want to emulate the fanatical dedication Brady chooses in his life and career, the keys are there to provide for us the measures of success to some extent in accordance with our application of them. Tom is not the fastest or strongest arm in the league and he certainly isn’t the youngest, but he’s experienced sustainable success through many different teammates, coaches, and now even teams. He’s emerged as a leader with a constant theme that past teammates speak highly of his character, leadership, and specifically the qualities I’ve selected above.

Just as Tom cannot succeed without someone catching his throws, the above guidelines do little good if we  do not make the choice to receive them. Just as Tom has no assurance of winning his seventh Lombardi Trophy, there are no guarantees for success. There is a much higher likelihood when you have a great approach and Tom’s remarkable legacy demonstrates this for all of us.

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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