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“The Mighty Quinn Memorial Goalball Challenge” — A surprising tribute
07 Jun
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

Goalball players

The Swedish goalball team at the 2004 Athens Paralympic games. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

I was approached earlier this year by a group of blind athletes from Southern Maine who participate in a sport called “Goalball,” a sport designed specifically for blind athletes. I’d met several members of the Southern Maine Goalball Association (SMGA) at the New England Visually Impaired Ski Festival (NEVI). They told me how saddened they were at the loss of Quinn and what a positive inspiration he had been to them through his dedication and perseverance. He showed them a little belief and much hard work can bring any peak within reach. They inquired if I’d be comfortable with their holding a Goalball event in his honor and of course I was far more than accepting; I was inspired, moved, and appreciative.

The Mighty Quinn Memorial Goalball Challenge
Tuesday, June 10th 5 PM to 7 PM
South Portland Community Center Gymnasium
21 Nelson Road
South Portland, ME (Free parking in lot at front of facility)

The Maine Mystix vs. the Maine Squids

Admission: Free though donations for the SMGA welcomed and encouraged

“This game is in memory of the mighty Quinn who reminds us that we can climb any peak we want if we keep trying.”— Randy Blanchard, SGMA 

Organizing a blind team has many challenges and frustrations, yet this group is learning to persevere and develop skills necessary to ensure their ability to continue to pursue their goal (literally!) Here is an opportunity to watch a fun competition and honor the Mighty Quinn and his lessons, while perhaps demonstrating support such people and organizations deserve.

I’m hopeful to attend and see some of you there as Autumn and I root on the players! I’m most hopeful everyone involved continue to celebrate the positive message and impact of one remarkable dog. Quinn was himself a fierce competitor and I know how very fitting a tribute this will be!

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