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The many faces of the word, “Resolve”
24 Jan
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy running on a rainy street in the Boston Marathon, with a tee shirt that says 1st Boston Blind Runner, #Miles4Quinn, 2020VisionQuest.org“It’s an unfortunate fact that I’m easily discouraged. But the fortunate truth is I’m stubborn as hell and near impossible to sway in my resolve.”
— Richelle Goodrich

Verb – settle or find a solution to a problem dispute or contentious matter
Verb – decide firmly on a course of action
Verb – separate or cause to be separated into components
Verb – of something seen at a distance turned into a different form when seen more clearly
Noun – firm determination to do something

In my introductory quotation, Richelle’s use of the word resolve is the noun, meaning “firm determination.” As January winds down, it is common for many New Year’s resolutions to be tested against our commitment. I spoke previously regarding how we might initially approach those resolutions in my Words for Wednesday:

I wanted to revisit the topic and examine all the facets of the word in regards to how they might come together helpfully. Being several weeks into a resolution it is often the time of failure for many people. Why? More importantly, can we resolve this?

As time passes from our initial commitment and challenges arise, it is easy for an obstacle to become an excuse to quit. Each passing moment from our commitment lessens the potency of the strength it provides. Fortunately, at this later time, it is easier to bring into clearer focus all the aspects of our original choice much as one of the definitions suggests. A clearer resolution of our resolution, if you will. What may have seemed simple and singular initially might have many aspects of impact on our life and thus we can break it down into its myriad component parts more easily, providing yet another definition example. In this we can invoke the problem solving portion for any of those necessary. Literally re-solving from our initial commitment so that instead of any of them halting our resolve, each challenge is an opportunity for the believe and achieve mindset.

Perhaps best of all is that each of those solutions found and new commitments made is a strengthening of our resolve. True, it will also dwindle over time and suggests we might benefit from a deliberate reflection and recommitment to these goals. For this reason I suggest having celebration moments along the path in all of our resolutions enabling us the chance to appreciate our success and recommit to strengthen the resolve for the next phase.

One response to “The many faces of the word, “Resolve””

  1. Ed Erdo says:

    Resolve is one of my favorite words.
    along with GRIT

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