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Summer break for students–But our educational outreach is still going strong!
29 Jun
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

For the first time ever, we already have had three schools reserve us for presentations for the fall school year even as summer break arrives. Several camp programs are on the summer schedule and we plan to use the “slower summer months” (at least while we aren’t on a mountain trail) to provide a long overdue update to our For Educators page.

Three years and more than 26,000 students have enabled us to develop confidence in the value of our message for students of all levels. In fact, teachers, administrators and the students all agree that our message needs to be shared as widely as possible.

2020 Vision Quest is even more motivated to ensure this part of our mission continues. We are asking all of you to take a look at the For Educators page and share with us any and all suggestions you have for how we can improve it. Please do give us your thoughts, suggestions, and comments as we endeavor to elevate our school outreach better than ever before in the year ahead.

Even as we are asking this, we are working on the many updates we know the page requires, including a few Testimonials. To that end, I thought I’d leave all of you with some of the messages from which I keep myself motivated to this vital part of our mission!

Testimonial from 2013 NH Principal of the Year:

It was a pleasure to meet Randy, Quinn, and Christine on Friday at Woodman Park School.
A fantastic talk was given by Randy to at least 540 of our students that day.
The message of being able to do anything with perseverance, dedication, and help was a powerful one.

Sample Testimonial from Newmarket, NH:

This upcoming Monday the school does field day which is run similarly to the Olympics where they have a grand march with all classes choosing what their theme will be. Each class carries a banner and each student in the class carries a pennant which reflects something about the class theme. The parade goes through the school, out into the street (the police stop traffic because this is a big deal in Newmarket) and over to the nursing home where the residents sit outside to see it all.

Ann’s class chose their name and it is the Questers. They have a large banner with the name 20/20 Questers where each student decorated a cutout foot which is on the banner and 2 people will carry it to lead the class, just like the Olympics. Each of the individual pennants they will carry have a life lesson they learned from you. They each also have a tshirt that they made. The front has a blue globe on the chest with the outlines of 3 green mountains on the globe and snow on the tips of the mountains.

Testimonial from a Teacher:

I can’t tell you how much our kids and adults got from your presentation. Many many people came up to me to say how meaningful your presentation was to them. One upper school boy will soon be on your website and might contact you as well.
I also learned so much from your talk today, not only in content but also in your style. It was perfect for our boys. I will be certain to call you for a part 2 for next year.

Testimonial from a Student:

Dear Randy,
I really enjoyed your inspirational presentation at our high school yesterday. I thought that your story was incredible and very thought provoking. One thing that I loved about about your speech was that you made it relatable to us. Some students may have thought coming in to the assembly that the presentation wouldn’t mean much to them because they aren’t blind and don’t hike. You made your message much broader than that and was something we could apply to our own lives. The biggest thing I learned was that anyone can do almost anything if they really want to. Once you identify what’s stopping you, you can work around it and accomplish your goal, and you taught that to us with examples from your own life. Something that I would have loved to learn more about was your future plans. I found your dedication to teaching children fascinating. Overall I loved your presentation and think that your story is so inspirational.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our school.

Perhaps the final and best way for you to experience this is the way I did this year, hearing it directly from the students via their Randy Pierce Thank You after our visit!

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