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Sometimes you have to say no! But…
26 Jan
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

Recently I was invited to join Team Vision as a non-qualified blind runner of the Boston Marathon in April of this year. While I could probably push a training plan to be ready, and while my goal is to run Boston eventually, it was the right decision for me to say no at this time. Given all the efforts I am applying towards supporting 2020 Vision Quest, it wasn’t the right time to try to fundraise separately for the Boston Marathon.

It was very difficult to turn down the offer, but it will help invigorate my preparations for this as a future project, perhaps as soon as next year.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share a note of encouraged support for Team Vision and the visually impaired runner who motivated my invitation. Thanks to Erich Manser, and good luck! I hope to be part of your support this year and perhaps part of the team soon!


Massachusetts Association for the Blind (MAB) was founded 110 years ago by Helen Keller and a group of illustrious Bostonians to serve adults who were blind or visually impaired. MAB is the oldest social service organization in the country serving adults who are blind.


This year, Marathon Monday will have more blind and visually-impaired athletes running over Heartbreak Hill than ever before. We seek the support of your organization to truly optimize and celebrate this remarkable occasion.


· Financial Support: A charitable donation to MAB Community Services OR funding assistance to support “Marathon Weekend” logistics (i.e. TWAV Pasta Supper, airport transportation for out-of-town athletes, shuttles to starting line in Hopkinton, etc.)

· Volunteers: If your employees/members can offer time, rides (airport, starting line) or other forms of voluntary support

· Spectators: We hope to have the noisiest cheering section of the entire marathon route, but this takes PEOPLE. With a prime spot at mile 24.5 (near MAB, with parking and restrooms) — we need LOUD support as these inspiring athletes near the finish!

PLEASE CONTACT ERICH MANSER (erichmanser@hotmail.com) or 978-227-5678 for more information. THANK YOU!


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