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Setting sights on Future In Sight
22 Nov
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy stands at a podium and shakes the hand of a Future In Sight leader, with Swirl, a black lab, by his side, in front of a large banner that says "Future In Sight"Today I am privileged to share one of the most important announcements of my life. I have been a passionate advocate for Future In Sight since I personally experienced the life changing mission they undertake for thousands of people managing sight loss every year. As a client, volunteer, donor and member of their Board of Directors through the years, I’ve continually witnessed the need and the amazing collaborations necessary to ensure a team of diligent and caring professionals meet the need, allowing so many to live and thrive with their best aspirations within reach.

See the Press Release – Future In Sight names Randy Pierce as Chief Executive Officer

Now I have accepted their invitation to join their team directly as the new Chief Executive Officer charged with development and implementation of the vision and strategy our team will use to ensure we meet the need and so much more. My enthusiasm and energy is as high as the many peaks I’ve climbed through the years and my appreciation for the trust and confidence is overwhelming.

While I will officially begin in early December, I feel like I began training for this job over thirty years ago. I am already eagerly exploring the many paths likely to help us discover the best for ourselves, our clients and all of our stakeholders going forward.

What will this mean for our 2020 Vision Quest? We support such similar mission beliefs it is a natural fit for me to continue the work of our charitable mission as well. I will be making adjustments to my time allocation as the full time work at Future In Sight will require my full focus and attention. We have outlined our plan for moving forward and will steadily share any adjustments necessary to keep effective progress on our mission. Thank you for the continued support and encouragement as well as the confidence to help me take this next step to building an even more positive Future In Sight.

Be well,
Randy Pierce

2 responses to “Setting sights on Future In Sight”

  1. Sue Klabunde says:

    This is very exciting news. Congratulations! I’m happy to hear you will have an opportunity to make even more impact on the missions of both organizations!

  2. Alexandra Hahn says:

    This is just the best news ever, Randy. To see your experience being put to use this way is gratifying. Can’t wait to see what you do with the place :-D.

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