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Setting our sights on an essential virtual Walk for Sight
14 Jun
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy the 2020 group walk down the streets.

Here we were at the Walk for Sight in 2018. This year we’ll do it virtually for the first 20 days of August. We hope you can join!

When you have sufficient need, it is essential to become creative. So many cancellations, postponements and yes, virtual versions have altered our lives in many cases with significant detriment. June 6 did not see the annual Walk for Sight which is an essential event for Future in Sight and the more than 30,000 people in New Hampshire alone who could directly benefit from their training and services.

The event is important for many ways including as a fundraiser and as a means to generate awareness. Too often the need and solution are as out of sight as the world may seem for many dealing with sight loss. We need this event.

So the team at Future In Sight has created a 20-day virtual experience which is worthy of the role we can choose to make a difference.

Every day from Saturday August 1 until Saturday August 20, a different location will be highlighted on a map of New Hampshire with a couple of videos containing information, activities, and other worthy tidbits for the event and organization, as well as a specific fun movement activity/challenge. In fact, I’ve been asked to help create the last one for each of those 20 days. Each day there will be drawings and awards for those connecting into our virtual event as it is truly reimagined into an experience worthy of a little more than the typical virtual conversion.

Randy and Autumn walking with young girl and a few other participants at Walk for Sight 2018I will be taking a pivotal role in all the virtual activities as a virtual walker and much more. I even already managed my virtual run across the entire state of New Hampshire as just a part of my preparation for this delayed Virtual Walk for Sight.

Now I’m asking you to support Autumn and me directly via donations at my personal page.

Or better still, join our team and help us raise some funds!

You can be involved and raise awareness at the same time.

The year is difficult for all of us, and I well understand there are so many ways people are asked to help. Do what is appropriate for you wherever it is appropriate. Ask me to help you where you need it and I’m usually eager to give my best. I can tell you that 2020 Vision Quest and Future in Sight both benefit directly from this event and this is going to be an extra difficult year for all of us.

If you are willing and able, your support will be greatly helpful and tremendously appreciated. Thank you for giving this consideration and remember that boosting the signal and sharing our posts is one of the easiest ways you can help us on the journey.

Randy & Autumn

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