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#SeeYouAtTheSummit2020 Kicks off on Mt Wachusett, Labor Day Weekend
02 Sep
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy, Tracy, and Autumn post on Mt. Wachusett with the "See You At The Summit" book.Will you take your copy of our book, See You At The Summit to one of your personal summits? Will you capture the moment in a photograph and share it with us, helping us track how many peaks our book achieves along its journey? Use hashtag: #SeeYouAtTheSummit2020

I enjoyed an inspiring evening last Tuesday at the Woodstock Station participating in a three-author presentation with Matt Landry and Dan Szczesny. On the ride home, Matt and I had a discussion about the many places and ways our books have been shared and photographed by kind readers in the past. One of his own books has been taken along many trails and photographed by the friends who cherish Forward, Onward, Upward.

We came up with the idea of helping See You At The Summit reach a few peaks as an appropriate part of its journey. Since this was such a “labor of love,” Labor Day Weekend seemed the ideal time to begin. Since I already had a hike planned, coincidentally on one of Matt’s favorite peaks, Mt. Wachusett, the idea quickly became a plan and now a reality.

The reality is that I am certainly proud of the positive response we’ve received to our book as we start to approach the one-year anniversary of its release. We have a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating with nearly one review per week since its release. These are great and encouraging signs. I’m incredibly appreciative of every person who has taken the time to journey through the pages with us and often helped share the opportunity with others.

Since we self-published and use our time managing the charitable mission of 2020 Vision Quest, we do not achieve all of the marketing goals we might ideally want for this book. This “challenge” is just an opportunity for those of you who like our book and want to help us share it to have a means to do so in a positive way.

Take our book with you on an adventure or to a mountain peak and capture a photo with it using the hashtag #SeeYouAtTheSummit2020 to help us search for it and share it even further. We hope the more people who learn about the book and find their way along the journey will prove to be a benefit to those people and to our charitable efforts. Remember that we donate the proceeds from the book directly to our charity. So whatever summits you may achieve, we hope you might bring us along and lift us up a little with your journey. Maybe together we can help encourage others towards their peak potential. I hope to “See You at the Summit!”

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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