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22 Sep
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

Corporate presentations and keynote public speaking events have become a significant part of the 2020 Vision Quest outreach. We have received many testimonials that praise the powerful impact of the core message and poignant delivery of our presentations. For these corporate opportunities, we typically request a modest honorarium to the 2020 Vision Quest charity. Travel expenses may also be requested when applicable, but we feel that the benefits of our program are more than sufficiently significant for this charitable donation.

We remain committed to providing all schools and nonprofits a variation of our presentation similarly customized to their needs for absolutely no cost. An important way to support these charitable efforts is ensuring that we continue to schedule corporate opportunities as well.

The goal of most public speakers is to provide inspiration, motivation, and ideally methodologies which result in improved efficiencies in the working environment. Reviews of our presentations suggest that we accomplish all three of these in a manner which has sustainability in the long term.

When we give a presentation, we begin by presenting the challenges that I faced in my journey from a typical life to complete blindness and confinement to a wheelchair. I share the severity of the lowest point on that path and offer the methodology I developed with much support to work through this adversity, which I hope will help others in achieving their “Peak Potential” both figuratively and literally.

We support this discussion with powerful slides and a two-minute video to provide full credibility of the process. We then invite all those present to take a metaphorical journey with us as we anecdotally connect our methodology to their individual challenges. The sometimes humorous, often inspiring process is customized towards the desired vision of our host as we highlight such concepts as Achieving Through Adversity, Problem Solving, Communication, Teamwork and understanding the potency of having a Vision!

We conclude with a question and answer section. This is where we see if we have succeeded in reaching our audience on the individual level while inspiring a newfound perspective for their personal lives as well as their approach to their career. I am proud to say that our success rate is very good! Embracing a corporate vision and investment into the benefits of communication and teamwork are just some of the valuable takeaways from our presentation.

We encourage you to consider the benefits provided by a visit from me and Quinn to share an hour or more with your company or conference. Drop me an email if you’re interested in scheduling us!

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