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Recoveryedia – An inspiring platform for hope and positivity!
24 Feb
By 2020Visionquest
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Matt and TJ, the co-founders of Recoverydia, shared an all too brief afternoon with Autumn and me. We  fell into a quick comfort discussing our lives and stories which deserve to be shared for the benefit of many. They are motivated to use their talents, including video production, to create a platform for powerfully sharing the people and stories they hope will bring hope, health and inspiration to our world. They invited me to become one of the members of their “tribe” as they call those they feature, and I readily agreed because of my comfort with them and how well it aligns with our own 2020 Vision Quest mission.

We spent some time comfortably talking while they filmed and the rest of the work they did on their own, sending the finished product for a quick review. They had done an excellent job and it had my full approval for reasons you can see by playing their 9-minute video highlighting some of their key takeaways from our time shared.

I often choose to embrace opportunity and this is part of the many positive experiences in my life. I absolutely believe in assessing the risks and rewards involved in situations and typically believe more opportunities have led to the growth and development of my life. I came away from our afternoon with a pair of new friends and an organization, Recoverydia, which will enrich my life. I’ve subscribed to their YouTube channel and each week hope to discover another of the inspirational stories they have chosen to share with the world.

People often ask how I manage on difficult days and one of my best techniques is to find some inspiration. I’ll share what I find going forward and I urge all of you to be proactive in your own quest for inspiration when you need it. Watch their video productions and share them as you deem appropriate because it may be just the boost someone in your world needs on that day. As I mentioned in the video they produced for me, the opportunity to help others is often one of the most rewarding experiences in our own day.

Thank you Matt, TJ and Recoverydia!

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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