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Real controversy and a solution to voting: Accessibility!
10 Feb
By 2020Visionquest
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Future In Sight LogoWhile Future In Sight has long earned my vote for their incredible work providing training and services to help people of all ages of life manage the myriad sight loss challenges from Visually Impaired through Blindness, they continue to earn this confidence with their leadership. They have been providing training sessions live and through an instructional video to help ensure their clients, like me, will be able to perform one of our most important rights and responsibilities, voting.

In this, we can still use all of your support as the system constantly benefits from more people choosing to use it at their polling locations to help work out the various challenges which occur as various locations do not always setup and test the equipment properly, leaving the blind user to face an additional challenge. So make the choice to vote and choose the “One4all” system so that you may help ensure my and other votes will be possible.

As explained on the Future In Sight website:

The first in the nation 2020 Presidential Primary will be held shortly in New Hampshire on February 11th and once again the One4All accessible voting system will be available at all polling places in the state. While it is available for anyone’s use, the One4All system is a tablet based system with voice output that’s designed for voters with a range of disabilities and is especially useful for voters who are blind or visually impaired.

Link to video from Future In Sight

So I encourage you to visit their website and play the training video that you might understand how it is I’ll be able to vote. I think you’ll find it a reasonable system and similarly a reasonable request for you to consider using the system as well. My own polling location has finally managed to get it right after some considerable challenge but there are so many places which simply do not test their system until someone needing it arrives to find it has issues that could be readily resolved. These issues are much easier to manage if you are not perhaps already juggling an assortment of challenges which make the accommodation a need rather than a simple choice.

Thank you for any consideration you can give this and even more for those of you who actually make the choice! We all deserve the right to vote and the confidence to know it will be possible. We are getting close to both.

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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