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Randy’s Reflections on the Peak Potential Grand Finale
10 Nov
By 2020Visionquest
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Two champagne glasses through which are visible a photo of Randy and teammate running the Boston Marathon and Randy and his team in front of Rainbow Mountain in Peru are visible.I’m writing this weeks blog just two weeks prior to the 10th and final Peak Potential Dinner and Auction gala fundraiser for our 2020 Vision Quest charity. It has been and remains an incredibly successful event, and has been our signature event since our inception a decade ago.

I laugh at my initial dubious reaction to Rachel Morris’s proposal which has since brought us so much success. From a handful of tables at the Derryfield in Manchester to a sold-out full house 260+ crowd at the Courtyard by Marriott in Nashua, we have been fortunate to have our community swell in support and celebration through the years.

It is this same community which has been the foundation of our presentation outreach expanding to schools, conferences, and corporations well beyond our initial imaginings. Those latter keynote presentations have become a fiscal foundation to our charitable mission which in part enables the transition away from the Peak Potential event.

For ten years it has been far and away our single largest fund raising event and has allowed us to generously support the essential work of providing blind and low-vision training and services as well as guide dogs through our supported charities. At our event, I will formally share the totals which anyone could readily find from our online 990 forms as we always maintain the highest level of transparency with our mission.

The effectiveness and generosity past and present of our community and our team of volunteers  is absolutely astounding to me. I am proud of and humbled by the work we’ve accomplished together already and equally proud to assure everyone that our work is not finished. As the year 2020 approaches, it is not the end of our the charitable effort. In fact, I’ll be sharing many exciting events planned for our signature year.

We’ll work hard and celebrate much throughout 2020 and our vision carries us into the next decade with our drive to support those same sight services while sustaining our highly acclaimed school presentations. We’ll rely more than ever on the corporate and conference keynote presentations to fiscally provide for the absence of the Peak Potential Dinner and Auction. We’ll hope to maintain a positive partnership with Boston Billiard Club & Casino who provide charitable gaming support to so many NH-based charities and we’ll continue to find avenues of fiscal support such as See You At The Summit and other projects. We hope our community will continue to engage and grow as we move forward.

First though, we need to assure an incredible event receives the grand sendoff ten years of service deserves.

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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