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Quintessential Reasons for 9/11
10 Sep
By 2020
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Our author with his dad on Mt. Welch

by The Mighty Quinn

Everyone has his or her own methods and reasons to appreciate 9/11 – including this Mighty Guide Dog! I wasn’t even born when 9/11/2001 became known for the tragic events that motivated the Flags on the 48 project. However, I can tell you a little about what motivates me.

Sure my tug toy and tennis ball are high on the list of motivators, and I’ve never been known to turn down a little kibble or even a lot of kibble, but there is more to me than those simple notions. Yes, I’m rather fond of the big lug (Randy), and keeping him safe is a point of pride for me. Undeniably, I even love the adventure, which climbing Mt. Liberty represents, but like an infomercial – still there’s more!

Did you know one of the guide dogs from my school, Roselle, was on the 78th floor when a plane struck one of the towers? Did you know about the miraculous work he did in leading his handler to safety in the midst of that chaos and devastation? I encourage you to read their story here!

That example alone demonstrates the amazing work of a Guide. We are, however, more than simply about blindness. Have you considered that not only human rescuers gave their lives and efforts on that day, but many heroic and hard working canines did as well? We recently received a note from NH Search and Rescue talking about the dogs they use to help in their efforts here in New Hampshire, along the very terrain where I lead my ‘Dad.’ There’s even a national organization for dogs that help humans when facing disaster.

I know, I know. We have a goal to raise funds for 2020 Vision Quest, which enables us to reach out with our message, all to help causes in which we strongly believe. The fact is there are always many worthy causes and worthy needs. Dad says he wants people to be passionate about something important and to strive forward to positively promote that passion. For me, on the 9/11 hike, I will particularly remember Roselle and my many canine cousins working so hard to help a world that, at times, we cannot understand.

2 responses to “Quintessential Reasons for 9/11”

  1. Stefabu says:

    What a poignant and touching post….
    SO very true….SO very thoughtful….
    We will be thinking of you all and praying for safety during your 9/11 hike tomorrow.
    Stefani, Ralph, and Beast

  2. Teresa says:

    I hadn’t heard the story about Roselle–what a powerful story. And search and rescue dogs do such amazing work.

    Quinn, take good care of your dad.

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