A wide shot of the Andes Mountains with a snow covered Mt. Ausangate in the center. The 2020 team of eleven are hiking in the foreground on a beautiful day.

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Quintessential Equipment
30 Jun
By 2020
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by The Mighty Quinn
No way I’m letting the humans have all the blogging fun! I hear all this talk about Trekker Poles, Tech-wick shirts and all that. We go to EMS so often they might be justified in charging us rent! Sure I love that Dad has a super Water Filter pump to make sure we can all drink as often as we’d like on the way up. Yes his snazzy “Shantz” have pockets aplenty for my gear too (read Charlee Bears!) and absolutely I want the big lug to put a trekking pole on the ground opposite me to help him find the points I’m showing. I’m glad the calorie-counters have added Quinn kibble increases into the mix as well – mmm, extra-hard work means extra food for me! In short I give full credit to all that equipment for the general hiker.

We are not and I am most certainly not the typical hiker! So what I’m most excited about is getting a chance to show the world the best piece of ‘equipment’ for Dad: one Mighty Quinn Guiding Eyes Guide Dog. Sure my school doesn’t necessarily sanction pups for Mountain Hiking but I do have all the curbside, staircase, low branch, door-finding, obstacle-dodging, time-saving daily routines down already. I really want to show my work leading him up the hardest challenges. I love the woods and the scents on the breeze but nothing compares to knowing how much we are accomplishing together with our teamwork and my steadfast focus and devotion.

So how about helping my credibility here. I’m officially taking questions about my preparations and the work I’ll be doing on Washington. Think you can stump me? I can handle anything. Ask away – Quinn is In!

Wag-meister Quinn
Adventure Dawg!

4 responses to “Quintessential Equipment”

  1. Gina Long says:

    I have some questions for Quinn from one of my students who has followed Quinn’s adventures with great interest from way back in puppyhood…

    Does Quinn wear his typical working harness when on the hiking trail? Are there parts of guiding while hiking that are more difficult than others for Quinn?

  2. Thanks for the questions, I love knowing people are interested in my work and this project.

    I do, indeed, wear the very same harness on mountain trails as in every day work. This is because we are already accustomed to how the harness fits and how it allows me to signal to my dad.

    For me the hardest part of hiking is when a particular section of trail is too hard for us to walk side by side. In this instance I have to refuse to walk and give a little whine even as I wag my mighty tail. This tells Dad he needs to set down my harness handle and work his way through the challenge on his own. This often requires him to use hands and knees or “sit and slide” I worry about him during this part and my favorite part is when he calls me to him to start working the next section.

    Maybe someday I could come tell you about it in person (canine). We have details on how I can visit schools (with dad) here https://www.2020visionquest.org/for-educators.html.

    Adventure Dawg,
    The Mighty Quinn

  3. Sheba says:

    Hey Quinn, it’s Sheba and I have never typed before. The most I usually get to do is lick the envelopes. I have a few questions for you. What is the reward at the end – cause you know I am all about the food. Also if I try this hiking thing with mom will I break any nails. You know how much of a queen I am…I also saw a picture of you in the water on one of the hikes. How deep is that? I have a secret fear of the water but don’t tell my guide dog school. I don’t know about this hiking thing at my age either. You need to make it sound more rewarding for me cause mom is going to be giving it a try. She already went out an bought hiking boots and is practicing for Alaska. Luckly I get to sit that one out.
    So looking for tips here and what treats to expect. Thanks your pal Sheba (did I blog ok?)

  4. Quinn says:

    You blog fantastically and that means competition! Still I am glad to have you aboard the journey with us and wish you and your Momma some good luck and fun times ahead. Good choice taking your time and evaluating it cautiously – plus I hear Alaska is cold!
    You want food, check this out! Hiking burns a lot of calories so this means our food gets increased proportionally. Dad increased it by 25% for the Pemi trip and then nearly doubled it for Mt. Washington. This almost makes me want to try Everest…but not quite!
    As for the delicate subject of water, I’m no fan either as is commonly known. Webbed paws or not water is wet and I can do without it’s sudden intrusion in my world. Most water crossings I can dance across the stepping stones, mightily clear in a single leap or evade with clever route planning. When this isn’t possible I have had to just deal a bit. Usually in high speed mode though I admit I learned at Gem pool that a cool swim mid-hike is not only a little refreshing but also might help shake off those challenging boots that help and are awkward at the same time.
    Keep us informed of your adventures and feel free to share here more often!

    Mighty Quinn-Adventure Dawg
    Did I mention hikers get cool trail names!?

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