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Quinn’s Choice is Pets Choice – But Why?
08 Aug
By 2020
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Joe & Teresa enjoying last year's Peak Potential

Pets Choice is the store we trust for all of Quinn’s needs. Whether it’s their dedication to provide the healthiest food choices in a complex market, or simply a little extra-attentive searching for his favorite toy, our choice was obvious after just one visit to Joe’s and Teresa’s store. We initially went there because they are strong supporters of the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Puppy Raisers, but we remained for a much better reason: each pet is as much the customer and client as we humans are. The store owners’ attentive care for the needs of each individual pet ensures they are trying to provide the best for that animal. I know that when I share a concern for any aspect of Quinn’s needs, they will offer not only their obvious expertise in advising me but also a love and care for Quinn which rivals my own. They bring not only the broad supplies of their own store, but a willingness to search well beyond that to find the right solution for every need.

Yes, they attended our First Peak Potential Charity Dinner and yes, they made an incredibly fantastic pet gift basket as a donation for our auction, but they did not ask for this article. I just hope that wherever anyone searches for the right pet companion for them or what supplies are best for their beloved pet, they seek out the kind of individualized attention and dedication that can be found from such caring pet people as Joe and Teresa. If you live anywhere near Merrimack, NH, I absolutely suggest you give Pets Choice a call, email, or visit. If you are really fortunate, you may even be at their store when Quinn visits and is told he’s “Off Duty” so that his surge of tail-wagging enthusiasm makes it clear how much he loves them and their store!

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