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Quinn featured in “Pet Tales: Unconditional Love”
02 Aug
By 2020
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Quinn smiling

The Mighty Quinn: Definitely exemplary of unconditional love.

By Randy Pierce

It was one of the most touching tributes I could imagine when Eileen Doyon contacted me through our mutual friend, Kathy Dunn. She understood I had shared a bond of incredible depth and meaning though she’d never met Quinn or me, except through the stories shared by Kathy. Yet she appealed to me to write a short story that would deliver the essence of our bond for her newest book , Pet Tales: Unconditional Love, in a series that delivers a process of healing and messages of inspiration along the way.

Quinn adorns the cover of this book and his tale is as well told as I have ever managed within the pages. I encourage you to get a copy and read Quinn’s and many other tales and tell us what you think. In the meantime, I want to allow Eileen to bring her wonderful concept to you directly as a guest blog post.

Unforgettable Faces and Stories

By Eileen Doyon

Eileen Doyon surrounded by the keepsakes that inspired the creation of her books.

Eileen Doyon surrounded by images and memories that helped to inspire the creation of her books.

It has been quite a journey publishing Dedications: Dads & Daughters, and Keepsakes, Treasures From the Heart in April 2013. Most people will deal with loss at some point in their lifetime. The loss of my mom and my brother early in my life has been extremely difficult. In 2011, I lost my dad to lung cancer and was with him ‘til the end. Since then I had been trying to figure out how to deal with death due to it being so much a part of my life. The year that followed my dad’s death was depressing, complicated, and dark. Receiving two treasures, my dad’s dog tags, and my grandmother’s chandelier, meant so much to me, my attitude, and my outlook on my own life. With these keepsakes, I felt their presence and their love all around me. I knew that others in my situation had to feel the same way. If so, I wanted to help. So that became my mission…. to help others talk about their loved ones who have passed and to tell their stories of their own personal keepsakes. Our military is very precious to me. We owe so much to our veterans that have served and protected our country. So that became my theme of my second book, Dedications: Dads & Daughters, daughters telling stories of their dads’ service to our country.

People were so excited, emotional, happy, and sad all in one, but it was all good. We laughed and cried talking about memories and stories of loved ones. Sometimes, those feelings are buried deep down due to the crazy hectic lives we all live, and sometimes it just hurts too much to think or talk about. Everyone’s comments were so supportive and positive. It really became a healing to all and made people feel good.

"Pet Tales: Unconditional Love" is available now!

“Pet Tales: Unconditional Love” is available now!

So, in this hectic life, I decided to create a series of books titled Unforgettable Faces and Stories. We all need to stop and think about people in our lives, both past and present, and stories of those unforgettable magic moments. Those moments consists of happy memories whether with our pets, traveling the roads, or particular topics of life… our theme is… YOUR story told by YOU! We provide a creative outlet to enable people to tell their own story, share their own pictures of special moments in their lives, and hopefully to use this storytelling as a healing process as it was for me.  The third book in the Unforgettable Faces and Stories series, Best Friends: Forever and Ever published in November 2013 is comprised of heartwarming stories of friendship that everyone can relate to. Our books also present a way to give back to the community with a percentage of profit of each book going to a specific charity related to that book’s theme. The next book in our series, Pet Tales: Unconditional Love is now newly available through our website. No matter what type of animal, pets provide many of us with companionship, unconditional love, security, healing and in some cases they are trained to assist us to enable our lives to be more functional. This book is filled with stories of these very special relationships.

I am so excited and honored that Randy Pierce submitted a story about “The Mighty Quinn” for this latest release!

Randy’s story is inspirational in itself.  How he shares Quinn’s story with us is unforgettable!  Look for Quinn’s story and many others in Pet Tales: Unconditional Love available through our website now.




4 responses to “Quinn featured in “Pet Tales: Unconditional Love””

  1. Kathleen Fencil says:

    This past week I arranged for the purchase, this book Pet Tales, specifically because I knew of Randy Pierce and “The Mighty Quinn,” one of the featured stories. I was, very, very moved by “The Mighty Quinn” piece in this Pet Tales book. Written from the point of view of The Mighty Quinn (Randy’s beloved Guide Dog), it was magical to transition into the dog mind working with his person. I had picked up bits and pieces of Randy and Quinn’s story but this one tale so enlarged upon that picture. Easily read many many times. I am a also enjoying the other tales too. Lovely pick me up and read. Kudos Mighty Randy for this glimpse through both your (Quinn & Yours) eyes and minds.

  2. Randy says:

    Thanks for the kind words, we’ll welcome all comments and reviews here as well as on the Amazon site where you can purchase the book online if you are unable to get a copy from us directly. I’m glad to hear the story is having a positive impact from all those I know who have read it already!

  3. Catherine says:

    I purchased this book on Amazon because Randy and The Mighty Quinn are featured. This is a heart warming book. I love the format and the emotions. Thank you for writing it Eileen Doyon, for putting these remarkable ‘tales’ together. I know this will be read over and over again. I have managed to read two stories, one being Randy Pierce – “Quinn” and the following story about “Bella” and can’t wait for a chance to pick it up and read more. Definitely a book to add to your collection.

  4. Randy says:

    and the ebook is now available as well which means I’ll have my own copy in accessible format to peruse and read and make my own book review on Amazon and here. I continue to get email and text reviews which I appreciate though I wish you would all consider sharing your comments and reviews here or online where the book may be purchased.

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