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Quinn and 2020 Vision Quest to be Featured in PIXAR film!
01 Apr
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

We don't know Quinn's voiceover actor yet, but maybe you have suggestions?

We are thrilled to announce the confirmation of a Quinn story concept with PIXAR films! Certainly we’ve been amazed and tremendously proud of the incredible accomplishments of the Mighty Quinn, but this possibility goes beyond all our expectations. This will be an important leap forward in raising awareness and sharing the adventures of Quinn and our 2020 Vision Quest to the masses!

The story will begin with his roots in the Puppies Behind Bars program, intending to showcase his heartwarming connection that changes the life of a prisoner who finally finds someone (Quinn of course) to believe in him and share the unconditional bond which is part of the amazing reality of a dog.

There will be some highlights of our connecting at Guiding Eyes for the Blind which will also showcase some classic training and learning blunders and wonders. This will fill the segments with a rapid-fire bit of fun and touching moments as we grow into a team together.

Graduation from the school launches us back to New Hampshire and almost immediately into our Hollywood-style dramatization of the mountain climbing adventures in the summer as training for the amazing winter hikes. While the reality of our tale has more than enough excitement for reality, PIXAR will undoubtedly embellish the tale here to make this an instant spectacle beyond what we could have ever envisioned when we began our quest!

We loved the movie “Bolt” but hope “Quinn’s Quest” will be the kind of blockbuster success which changes lives forever, both here at 2020 Vision Quest and the other folks who watch Quinn’s well deserved feature film. The only real challenge ahead for this project is that the announcement happens to be on April 1st…

…And as such we must sadly report this is only a well intended April Fools joke–at least for now!

Maybe someday!

3 responses to “Quinn and 2020 Vision Quest to be Featured in PIXAR film!”

  1. Margaret says:

    This is the second time today and it is only 11:00 a.m.! I must be way to gullable.

  2. Jay sager says:

    I still believe it! I refuse to believe it is untrue. Because when you believe, it will happen. I for one would not be shocked at all if it did happen. Very good April’s fools joke Randy, had me all the way to the end.

  3. Randy says:

    Well glad for sharing the fun with the two of ou and many others on facebook and via email. I wish too that someday such a thing might be more than an April 1 bit of foolery…until then though, hope you all enjoyed!

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