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Proud to Announce our Coming Adaptations for School Presentations
23 Aug
By 2020Visionquest
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In the midst of all the adversity of the present times, our thoughts are with the teachers, schools and most especially students facing extraordinarily difficult circumstances. As well intentioned as our thoughts may be, we intend for our actions to have an even more helpful influence.

We understand it is unlikely we can return to classrooms for presentations in the near future, but we also know that there is a great benefit to many of the messages we provide. As such, we are proud to announce our team is hard at work producing a series of short videos capturing the essential points of many parts of  various presentation messages.

We’ll integrate our powerful images and action video clips into these videos and organize them by grade level and messaging so teachers can preview them and then at their preference play them in any combination for their students. We will continue to expand our library of opportunities steadily, inducing many of the SEL (Social emotional learning) topics which are frequently requested.

Simultaneously we will continue to offer a form of our previous presentation for those who want the more interactive opportunity. Whether asking us to build from a foundation of those who have viewed our pre-made videos or standing alone, we will schedule a virtual interactive presentation on the platform you use for your students. You host the process and we’ll integrate with you to bring the experiences and adventures into stories to capture the poignant points you wish to have emphasized for your students.

All of this remains absolutely free as we believe in our mission to support and enhance the educational possibilities for students everywhere. While donations to our 501(c)(3) charity are always welcome, they are absolutely not a part of our providing any of these educational opportunities.

If you wish to make suggestions for particular topics you want to ensure are included, send an email to education@2020visionquest.org

Be well,
Randy Pierce

2 responses to “Proud to Announce our Coming Adaptations for School Presentations”

  1. Bonnie Dunham says:

    What a great ideas! I am looking forward to viewing and sharing these. In addition to delivering important messages, Randy’s talks provide a starting point for children, teachers, parents and others to talk about disabilities and differences, adversity, and the essential roles of attitude and community in responding to challenges. Thank you.

  2. John Swenson says:

    Exciting to think about the possibility to share the positive messages with an even broader audience in this new format.

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