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Out of Service – the End of an Era
05 Jul
By 2020
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by Randy Pierce

Hudson Nottingham West Lions Club shut down on Tuesday, June 21, 2011, after years of service. This was my Lions Club, and we turned in our charter with most members joining the Hudson Lions Club – but why? President Lillian had read this year’s impressive list of philanthropic contributions of funds and service, yet the organization was not able to continue. Times are changing, and I am left to ponder the reasons why, as well as the full impact of the closure.

“We Serve” is the motto of the organization, and it carries with it a community emphasis. This motto also answers Helen Keller’s call for “Knights of the Blind.” This service is the primary challenge. While there are many worthy organizations and charities deserving of the generosity of many caring people, commitment and service seem to be dwindling. It’s steadily more difficult to find and develop younger members that are willing to commit to the leadership and work required in making many of these organizations function. In our high-paced, rapidly changing world, many choose not to put focus and attention toward a cause, and a real risk exists that more “Out of Service” signs will come for very important and beneficial groups.

I absolutely have a bias for the work we are doing with 2020 Vision Quest, and I’m fortunate to have some significant support. I do hope many will help us survive so we can continue our mission. I also hope that even more people will think about the many organizations that could use the real commitment of joining and giving of time and effort. Bill, Lillian, Geri, Rick, Blanche, Charlene, and so many others are just ordinary people who cared enough to invest themselves into my Lions Club, and our community is better for their care and service. I’ll be joining them in their next venture even as I continue to strive to see that 2020 Vision Quest is an avenue for making a positive difference. Goodbye Hudson Nottingham West Lions Club, and thank you for your service!

One response to “Out of Service – the End of an Era”

  1. Jay Sager says:

    I almost joined my local Lions club but I was already involved in Boy Scouts, Destination Imagination and helping with the ARC fishing derby every year at our local outdoors club. I knew I was spread too thin to make a real contribution and would be one of the guys in the back that show up but just seems to never be around to help. My work at Pepsi can sometimes take up to sixty plus hours a week and Saturdays. This is the norm for many working class folks who used to have time to give to family and community. It is a sad face that the economy has painted on our lucky few who are employed but are forced to do the work that three people used to do twenty years ago. I fear we as Americans are moving far to quickly into a generation of people who care only for themselves.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” (Insert name if your old enough to remember).

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