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Our virtual school presentations adapt for today
17 Jan
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy stands in a room with green walls, in a plaid button-down shirt and red tie, speaking into headphones, mid-gesture.“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”
– Babe Ruth

More than a decade of presenting in schools allowed us to adapt our messaging to include a broad array of points of emphasis and a means of delivery right for each grade level in attendance. As COVID-19 altered the approach necessary for schools and students our first objective was to give support and understanding to the teachers, schools, parents and of course students who are experiencing an incredibly difficult path to the educational process which is vital to their success. A few exploratory versions of our presentation in virtual format allowed us to understand how we might adapt this collaboratively with the teachers to be most effective.

As the new year begins we feel confident and the school reviews suggest we are ready to begin full scheduling of our presentations. Our school presentation website has been adapted for the present times and we encourage all of you to help us share the message we are ready and eager to be speaking, virtually, with students and happily noting there are no travel limitations given the virtual reality.

Invite us to visit virtually: Visit our education page here

While we are sharing the announcement, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how challenging it has been for so many during these times. The schools who have been able to schedule us have expressed gratitude for our presentation and the positive influence our messages have on both students and staff. I thought it would be an appropriate time to also share with everyone my “Words for Wednesday” from September 23 which was dedicated to teachers everywhere.

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