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Our Most Significant Summit – School’s in Session!
05 Sep
By 2020
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“What is your favorite summit?” is a common question of students during our interactive presentations. The literal answers to this question are given appropriate discussion and segue to the more meaningful aspects of our project. The more rewarding answers involve the heart of our vision: education. We climb summits primarily for the enjoyment of the experience and the demonstration of “Ability Awareness”. We share the tales, particularly in schools, to educate the benefit of believing in the potential in all of us as well as the power of problem solving to reach our goals. Perhaps the most powerful message we provide is the notion that our influence upon our world is significant, and yet more poignant still is being empowered to respond to adversity in ways which have the most positive impact upon our lives.

The delivery of this message through real world experiences and amusing anecdotes ensures an attentive audience. Students are challenged to suggest likely limitations before learning how problem solving creates possible solutions. When shown how a credible challenge enables achievement through the adversity, they are called to apply this to their own lives.

All of this is simple enough in concept, yet to observe it connecting is the most motivational part of the 2020 Vision Quest. It is our most meaningful “summit” by far. Much as we savor the teamwork and community of reaching a physical summit together, we similarly celebrate the teamwork which is helping us reach so many students. Each phone call or email requesting that we visit another school or providing us with the means to travel to new opportunities is a chance for more partners to join us by sharing and believing in our mission. Each of these new opportunities is a chance to make a difference in more lives.

Dear Randy and The Mighty Quinn,

As I write this I am still in awe of meeting both of you. I know I speak for many when I say that meeting you both the other day far surpassed our expectations!  Your presentation was inspiring, informative, humorous, and compelling. Your message was such an important one for all students and people in general to hear. You surely live life to the fullest!!

Michelle Croteau
Hampton, NH School Teacher


WOW! We were introduced to Randy through Bill LeBlanc from Guiding Eyes for the Blind. He brought him to visit with our 2nd graders after they read stories about Helen Keller and a poorly trained puppy. Randy connected with the kids in a way that we could not have imagined. The children had so many questions going into his presentation. The teachers observed the awe and respect the children immediately gave to Randy, as they sat silently, hanging on his every word. He truly showed the children that the trick to doing something hard is finding the obstacle and thinking creatively to get around it. They saw this through his sharing of his basketball skill, his skydiving friend’s solution and the Daytona 500 racer. These children left there knowing that the only limitation to our success is our own imagination! We cannot thank Randy enough!!

Jennifer Cutuli
Londonderry, NH School Teacher

So what is our next summit and who is part of Team 2020 making it a reality? Much of the answer may very well be up to you! We hope it will involve our educational outreach and more students and teachers changed by the experience.

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