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One Last Opportunity to Celebrate our Peak Potential Event together!
26 May
By 2020Visionquest
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It starts now!

Two champagne glasses through which are visible a photo of Randy and teammate running the Boston Marathon and Randy and his team in front of Rainbow Mountain in Peru are visible.Ticket/Table Sales for our tenth and final Peak Potential Dinner and Auction begin on June 1. Our event is on Saturday, November 23 at 6:00 p.m. and we hope to once again enjoy the warmth and welcome of a sold-out venue. For a short time, we discount the table price to encourage you to fill the hall with friends and choose where you wish to sit as you purchase your seats. Already we are reaching out to our many prior sponsors enticing them to partner with us one final time for this grand gala.

As you might expect, we want to put all our efforts towards ensuring the grand finale is worthy of all the achievement we have reached together through the prior decade. We do this as we prepare to launch the next phase of our 2020 Vision Quest plans to ensure all of our missions continue to receive the essential support which has been our focus.

Our vision for this event is something particularly spectacular we hope you won’t want to miss. So join us as an attendee, a sponsor, a donor for the auction, or as many have done in the past, some combination of those three! We’ll be providing monthly update on the progress towards our ever-important goals of ensuring this event is the pinnacle deserved by all of you, our community who has lifted us up to incredible heights of success. The event has long been a rewarding conclusion to a year of accomplishment in which our all volunteer team and generous community come together.

We will say farewell to the event but not to our mission because the foundation you have provided has provided the path of longevity for our work beyond the year 2020. With your help and support, we will make this the most successful and celebrated of our events. It begins with the community of kind-hearted, generous people who believe not only in our mission but in the fun we can have in striving towards success. It continues through the gala atmosphere and scrumptious dinner to the diversity of interactions with people and pups who will lift your spirits. It continues from the silent auction brought together with even more insightful connection to our community, to the live auction experiences, and opportunities remaining inspired to connect and bring together our attendees, to the final farewell presentation crafted specifically for this distinctive event. You’ll have many opportunities to be part of the 10th Annual Peak Potential Dinner & Auction’s grand finale.

It starts by getting your ticket and we think the table is the best value and easiest way to bring a group together for the night but of course we welcome singles or couples tickets as well.

Our Sponsors ensure our event success can rise higher still and establish possible partnerships for a focus on the future.

Many of our most popular auction items are crafted with the skills of our community or brought by the connections you help us make with a service or experience worthy of sharing with our friends. Reach out to us if you wish to help support the silent or live auction this year! Email Randy.

Finally, all too often we hear from those who missed the chance to join with us in some fashion that they wish they had known of the opportunity sooner. Please help us to share this news with as many people as you feel appropriate to ensure their appreciation and our successful work for the event and our mission!

Thank you for 10 incredible years already and one amazing event ahead!

Randy & Autumn

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