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Now Presenting the Virtual Presentation Process!
27 Jul
By 2020Visionquest
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So much of our mission involves the presentations I provide at schools and at conferences or corporate functions. When Covid-19 dramatically altered these opportunities, it would have been easy to halt our efforts. The simple reality is that the need for the messages we provide is all the greater during times of enhanced adversity, change, and uncertainty. As a team, we all discussed the varying options available to us and the path forward was a unified vision. We would learn the skills and tools necessary to create and provide worthy virtual versions of our various presentations. The inspiration and approach was similar to my own journey through adversity, adaptation and achievement.

My own life is not about my blindness but rather about all the choices I have made in response to the adversity blindness presented. The incredibly rewarding results are the anecdotes and adventures we’ve shared along the many presentation journeys For my own inspiration, I think about how much I would truly have missed or lost if I had quit at blindness or the wheelchair. Even now when Covid-19 makes presentations vastly different, I could choose to believe it is not possible or reasonable. I could worry that all my humor will seemingly fall flat to the muted microphones of my attendees. Instead I choose to learn, grow, and adapt. I focus on what I can do, cultivate those skills through practice and resume the positive results of our presentation performances.

Along the way I will most certainly encounter a few setbacks. I will simply choose to employ the same adversity as an opportunity for growth mindset to those temporary failures. I’ve already experienced resounding confirmation through the reviews and accolades which suggest these messages resonate all the more powerfully at this time. I’m grateful for those reviews and affirmations and dedicated to continue forward with the development of our school and professional programs on all the platforms necessary to achieve our mission. After all, it is not as much about the choices I have made in response to challenge in my life, though I’m grateful for the resiliency–it is in the relevant sharing of the empowerment for anyone to realize we all influence our lives with the decisions we make.

We all will face significant challenges and confront the choice of how we will respond to these challenges. There is a worthy epiphany in realizing how we choose to respond will generally have the larger impact on our lives than the challenge itself. This is a reality which transcends the virtual world even as I share it in our revised virtual presentations. This time of Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on most if not all of us and yet it does not have to define us. Ultimately our responses to this crisis and our lives will have the larger influence.

We will be making some changes to our presentation pages in the coming weeks. Already we are preparing to serve the students, teachers, companies and communities. Please consider connecting with us on LinkedIn, or simply send an email if you have a request.

Thank you for the many years of support and encouragement to allow us to continue our charitable mission. We look forward to working through this present challenge with you as well.

Our latest video from Randy Pierce, “Growth Through Adversity” (length 1:09)

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