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28 Mar
By 2020Visionquest
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“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.”
—Zig Zigler

Zig has a clever and poignant observation which encourages me to achieve more than inspirational talking points during all my speaking opportunities. After hundreds of successful presentations and many rewarding testimonials, our 2020 Vision Quest team is fortunate to have Dina Sutin Productions create the “sizzle” video for those corporate and conference speaking opportunities which provide significant support to the charitable mission of 2020 Vision Quest.

We think she’s created an excellent enticement for those who may choose to invite me to speak to their company or event and we are inviting you to join us in sharing her work so that our work may continue to help change lives in positive ways. You’ll find it on our Keynote Speaker page as well as our LinkedIn profile and a few other places along the way. We believe making the right connections makes all the difference for all of us.

Thank you, Dina, for this big step forward!

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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