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New look lifts the 2020 Vision Quest a little higher
12 Sep
By 2020Visionquest
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Our new 2020 Vision Quest Logo, with black and teal text and stylized gray mountains in the background“Little by little becomes a lot.”

Welcome to a few new aspects of the same quality charity, 2020 Vision Quest! I recently shared a post discussing the merits of praising process, progress, and particulars. I’d like to follow that guidance personally as I give some credit to more than a decade of impressive work by the people at the heart of this organization. I’ve had a diverse group of volunteers comprise the staff, board, donors, and supporters  of all types ensuring we strive towards our foundational mission. Many have been with us throughout and some still constantly seek ways to enhance how we manage our mission.

Blindness, sight impairment, vision impairment… many of the ways it may be framed was the impetus in my journey and remains a foundational aspect of our financial support to organizations providing training and services to ensure individuals like me may find the path to enhanced living and thriving. We value our partnership with Future In Sight and Guide Dogs for the Blind to help us support those skills and services essential in my own journey.

Along the way, we learned how well our messages resonated for people of all abilities. Challenge is such a common aspect of everyone’s lives and learning to use adversity as a catalyst for the positive possibilities for each of us to become the best versions of ourselves is a natural step in our Peak Potential presentations. We’ve learned, adapted and grown our work tremendously and are appreciative for the thousands of positive testimonials we have received from students, adults, conferences and corporations.

We continue to work towards the same objectives with the passion with which we began our charitable work. With our adaptations to best fit our many missions we have brought our logo and mission statement forward into this new decade with some adjustments to match these efforts and our forward progress. They are subtle and slight yet meaningful in the way all small steps are part of greater journeys.

Our logo was developed in partnership with Paul Rubino. We wanted to have version options for all the possible backgrounds and environments which our school and corporate presentations may invite as well as the natural and adventurous options of our history. He was fantastic and our team worked to consider many aspects of inviting enough change and professional foundation without losing sight of our foundations at all.

This is true of our Mission Statement, which was a project spearheaded by our intern, Caroline Brown, to help us simplify and ensure full relevance to the broader scope of our audience. The entire team provided significant influence into the process and final product because with so very few words allowed it is difficult to fully capture how much we strive to achieve for so many people. I think the team earned a solid success in holding the elements of our original statement and giving us or new mission statement:

2020 Vision Quest inspires individuals to achieve their peak potential by illustrating key tools to build positivity and resilience, delivered through engaging presentations. All funds raised support guide dog partnerships and crucial services for people who are blind and visually impaired.

Ultimately we continue the work we’ve been doing for more than a decade. We will continue to grow and adapt to best serve our educational mission, sight impairment support options and leading by example in using resiliency, positivity and kindness to climb the highest peaks of our own learning, growth and success.

Be well,
Randy Pierce

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