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Nama, Namaste, and first birthdays!
07 Mar
By 2020Visionquest
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A brown dog resting on a pillow and looking directly at the camera with big soulful eyes.

Nama, Randy and Tracy’s puppy.

On March 9, we will celebrate the first birthday for our energetic rescue pup, Nama. I think there is tremendous value in the celebrations we may choose to include in our lives, especially in the most difficult times. In so many things great and small, the action of selectively isolating positive aspects worthy of attention places an additional emphasis on the positive. It creates a marker in our mind as well, a waystone or cairn for our reflective times to ensure that uplifting moments are as likely to be recalled as the challenging ones which seem to so readily make their mark in our minds.

In Nama’s case, her presence has certainly been an uplift into our lives. Her infectious playfulness, curiosity, enthusiasm and loving attention brings tremendous joy to our home every day. A moment of celebration which highlighted all of these powerfully is shared in the video below when Tracy returned from two weeks away, the first time Nama had been separated from her “mama.”

Namaste is a greeting heard commonly in yoga communities as a form of greeting. Translated it means “Bow I to you” (roughly) where Nama means “bow.” The puppy play bow is certainly a mainstay of her approach to us and to life even as calls of “Nama Stay” are ever improving behavioral progress points.

The reality is that as our little girl turns one year old this week, the signs of maturity continue. She is still very much a puppy and also very much the beautiful dog who warms our home and hearts daily. As such I celebrate this birthday for certain and a few new toys will no doubt arrive. I celebrate her throughout every day with much joy. Namaste my exuberant Nama, I do indeed bow to the divine spark within you.

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