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Moving on mission and vision with partnership
16 Oct
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy and Swirl presenting at the recent event for the Gibney Family Foundation at Future in Sight.

Randy and Swirl presenting at the recent event for the Gibney Family Foundation and Future in Sight.

Swirl and I had a chance to join Future In Sight and the Gibney family for an event putting focus on the mission of supporting methods of assisting people who manage sight loss. These two organizations came together as they have in various ways for over 25 years to understand how each help serve the mission. I was asked to provide closing comments regarding my experiences in the journey of going blind and learning to live and thrive while developing a vision of how partnerships allow all of us to ultimately achieve better success.

Ultimately, people gaining clarity on the needs can better work together to develop the solutions which each may have appropriate strengths to support. In my case, this isn’t simply telling the same story of my life in some abridged version of See You At the Summit but rather a way to tell the tale of my journey to the audience in a fashion relatable to their own experiences. The key is to make clear that it isn’t about me–I’m a happy work in progress demonstrating how the mission works. The vision is to ensure that all the many people similar to me are not the exception but rather to ensure there are not exceptions being missed because we have a pathway to finding all the people who would benefit from skill training and/or services while ensuring all the services are constantly keeping pace with an ever-changing world.

For many of us who gathered, the realities of the last many months have changed the way we are able to connect and form these partnerships. The future will undoubtedly maintain many more adjustments as we continue on the path. Coming together as we did on this beautiful October day on the coast of Maine did help make clear the power of people in collaboration with a shared vision and a mission mindset. Few things change the world more.

One response to “Moving on mission and vision with partnership”

  1. Bill Finn says:

    GFF, FIS aNd Vision Quest together in one room. Excellent! Hope for more in the future.

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