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Marathon Monday – Help us reach our goal!
15 Apr
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

Randy and Pete have a strong start to the Boston Marathon.

Randy and Pete in the Boston Marathon 2015.

Runners exalt the marathon as a public test of private will, when months or years of solitary training, early mornings, lost weekends, rain and pain mature into triumph or surrender. That’s one reason the race-day crowds matter, the friends who come to cheer and stomp and flap their signs and push the runners on.

– Nancy Gibbs

Boston Marathon 2017

Randy’s Bib Number: 25048
Wave 4
Corral 2
Approximate Start Time: 11:15 a.m.
Approximate Finish: 3:15 p.m.


See the course map here.

I say it is the journey more than the destination, and this time is no different. Monday, April 17, 2017 is the 120th Boston Marathon and my third consecutive opportunity to savor the experience of the historic course. I have been dedicated to all aspects of my training and preparation leading into the marathon.

I invite all of you to join our Table Sprint Challenge, our a goal of selling 26 tables to Peak Potential prior to my finishing the 26 miles of the race. Read more about it here and buy your tickets here

Rebecca, Tom and I will now give our best effort on the course and the results will be shared here and on our 2020 Vision Quest Facebook page for those wanting to keep track of our progress. It will include the results of the Table Sprint Challenge which has already been tremendously successful as mile by mile I’m reminded  of my good fortune in such an incredible community.

Please feel free to share any Marathon-related information in the comments. As Nancy Gibbs said so well in the quote above, on the final day when the work is put on public display it is each bit of support which helps carry our spirit past the most difficult moments. #BostonStrong

17 responses to “Marathon Monday – Help us reach our goal!”

  1. Monique Pierce says:

    And they are off – leaving Grove Street. Good Luck – Randy and Rebecca!

  2. Monique Pierce says:

    Past Mile 1… Randy and Tracy share the first table purchase and this message
    Tracy, Autumn and I always wish to stride first and together in support of the Charitable work of 2020 Vision Quest. We are proud to purchase the first table each year and to thank all those who choose similarly! Climb your mountains, run your marathons, dream your dreams with the best of strength our home team!

  3. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 2 Sponsored by
    “Staff of Future Insight “wish well to Nancy Druke, Randy Pierce and Team with a Vision We are in Sight support for the long haul too serving for more than 105 years!”

  4. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 3 is also sponsored by Future Insight’
    “The Board of Directors for Future In Sight celebrates Marathon Monday and Peak Potential especially for our Board Chair Randy Pierce!”

  5. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 4 from your friends in “Stitch and Bitch ”
    We’re looking forward to seeing you cross that finish line Randy!”

    Sharon Taubenfeld

  6. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 5 and table 5 sponsored by Sandi Roy

    Good Luck Randy!!

  7. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 6 just completed and nearly through mile 7… Go Randy and Rebecca. Looking for mile sponsors- Visit our page at https://www.2020visionquest.org/peak-potential-tickets.html to register for a table to Peak Potential!!

  8. Monique Pierce says:

    Bernt Bittner loves to captain and he stepped up to the challenge for Mile 8 sponsoring a table with this message/quote for Randy and Rebecca.

    “Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done”

  9. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 9 and Table 9
    Go Randy!! from Greg and Kristen Taylor

  10. Monique Pierce says:

    Rebecca and Randy have reached Mile 10 and Randy’s two guides have reserved a 10th table- We’re looking for someone for Mile 11. Please visit the Peak Potential site and join us by registering now!!

    Tom Cassetty and Rebecca Dorr

  11. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 12- almost half way- table purchased by Ron Welliver

    The 57 hiking crew, born in 57 and started hiking at 57 wish another old man well on his Marathon!
    Special Call out to lst year’s table mates Sue Welliver Brenda Goodreau, Gary Goodreau, Joe Bukartek, John Call, Kate Call, and Terri Bukartek

  12. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 13 — Table 13 is up for grabs- won’t you join us at Peak Potential on November 18th? Reserve a table now at the lowest discount price of just $500.00 Visti the Peak Potential Site. Checks can be sent by May 1st.

    Wellesley College, located near Mile 13, cancels classes for the day. Wellesley students begin lining up soon after Mile 12 to create what they call the “Scream Tunnel” – an unbroken wall of sound amplified by loud music to cheer on the runners as they stream past.

  13. Monique Pierce says:

    Jose Acevedo shares memory from last year and purchases Table 14

    “The wheels came off in mile 14 last year, and that’s what began some of the most character revealing hours of our long friendship. I’m right there with you my friend, as I always will be. And remember, championships are won in the second half.”

  14. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 15- Runners pass the picturesque village houses and more shops on the outskirts of Wellesley, and then cross Route 9. Crowds are usually fairly thin here.

    Randy and Rebecca need your support- For the next 4 miles. Anyone still waiting to buy your table? Find friend or 7:-) and reserve now. There are still 3 tables for up to 12 if you have a large group.

  15. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 16-17
    Almost immediately, runners pass the “Entering Newton” sign, and start a long half-mile plus uphill climb taking them along the Route 128 overpass. Traffic roars by below, with lots of honking from drivers who look up and spot the Marathon runners. The elevation of the overpass exacerbates whatever unpleasant weather elements may be at play – strong winds, driving rain, searing (remember, our Boston weather in April can bring nasty surprises). The course drops a bit around Newton Wellesley

  16. Monique Pierce says:

    Randy and Rebecca reached Mile 18! at 12:20pm
    After going through a mostly flat residential area, runners turn right at the firehouse (which is on their left) onto Commonwealth Avenue (Route 30). Newton’s four difficult hills lie ahead, and the first, “Firehouse Hill,” is about to begin. This is a steep hill, although less than a half-mile long, beginning just past the Brae Burn Country Club on the right.

  17. Monique Pierce says:

    Mile 19 – Table purchased by Monica Lemaire who shares this message-
    “Randy, You’ve got this!”

    Last Year David and Monica Lemaire shared a table with Jay and Lisa Berman, Lois Essex, Pam and Tom Small, and Tom Masson

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