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Making more out of this different Patriots Day
20 Apr
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy Pierce and Rodney Andre walk into sun on the streets of Boston after Boston Marathon 2019.

April 20, 2020 is Patriots Day and was expected to be the Boston Marathon. Covid-19 has altered those plans and the lives, all too often literally, for much of the world. Many streets are appropriately barren as prudent physical distancing is helping to drastically reduce the worst possibilities–although not without a tremendous toll of a different sort on the many necessarily restricted in ways to which they are unfamiliar and perhaps poorly prepared.

Much of the management of this crisis seems like a marathon to me in that we should not expend all our energy and effort in the initial push. We need to find comfortable and sustainable rhythms and paces as quickly as possible if we hope to experience the prolonged success necessary for this endurance experience. Many folks, like me in the actual marathon and in this deadly virus, require a little extra support to have the best chance to get through it.

Good guides are essential certainly, but just as in my marathons, a callous fellow participant either maliciously or through inattention can wreak havoc with my success. Fortunately, I’ve generally found an abundance of good guides and compassionate companions on the journey often assist us all in striding towards success together.

On this day, I won’t be running from Hopkinton to Boston as is my annual custom, although I may tread some of those miles on the simulated hills and paces of the I-fit video on my Nordick-track treadmill as I train with a hope for future possibilities. I will also invite anyone who wishes to join us this Patriots day evening for a book discussion of See You at the Summit, the book written by Tracy and me to highlight my journey and the lessons inherit in experiences for all of us journeying through difficult times.

We will open the Zoom room at 6:45 and begin the discussion promptly at 7:00 p.m. I’ll try to coordinate the conversation throughout and certainly answer any and all questions people wish to share with us. I intend to take us on a chapter-by-chapter tour in brief of the book and go as deep as anyone wishes with at least one story behind the scenes for each chapter. There is obvious benefit to having read the book or listened to the audio book before this, but either way I hope to have an interesting evening which I expect will take approximately an hour and to be suitable for all audiences.

Please join us here:

Topic: See You at the Summit – Book Club
Time: Apr 20, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 886 7168 6743

Find your local number to join by phone.

Patriots Day 2020 is likely a little different for all of us. There are likely many more steps in the marathon journey of this challenge and I hope to ensure that I learn and grow at a comfortable pace which ensures I find the mental, physical and emotional rest and support I need to make the journey successful. It’s a long race and a hard climb but the mountain climber in me believes that every positive step brings us higher and I hope this is another positive step for me and perhaps some of you. As such, I hope to see  some of you zooming to the summit with Autumn, Tracy and me!

Randy and Tracy pose with copies of "See You At The Summit"

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