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Providing Inspirational Keynotes and Corporate Presentations, Adapting to Virtual Platforms

January, 2022 update: We are thrilled Randy is the President & CEO of Future In Sight, however that means he now gives keynotes as the President of Future In Sight. If you are interested in a keynote, we encourage you to contact him by email or 603-546-8542.

Everyone Can Benefit from our Inspirational and Motivational Methodologies

Randy Pierce is a captivating motivational speaker who draws upon his life experiences to inspire, entertain, and teach. Randy creates a powerful connection to his audience through unique viewpoints on the adventures and challenges of a man who chose a life filled with incredible adventure-laden experiences despite his being suddenly stricken with a neurological disease rendering him blind at age 22. Participants experience the highs, lows, and problem-solving techniques used to convert adversity into methods of achieving our peak potential.

His realization that you truly don’t need to see in order to have a vision–or to bring that vision to reality–is the inspirational backdrop for a methodology as powerful as the motivation behind his message. Randy came to believe that most of our limits in life are self-imposed; that far too often, we accept and thereby empower the notion of “can’t.” It is an idea that–when framed with Randy’s compelling personal story–invariably resonates with people, giving them new energy to engage the possibilities that lie within their grasp. Emphasizing goal-setting, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication with amusing anecdotes and demonstrable achievements, he will motivate each participant to set and achieve their own goals.

Watch Randy’s Keynote inspirational video, and be inspired!

Thank you to the excellent work of Dina Sutin Productions for creating this video.
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Scheduling a Presentation

Randy is standing, presenting at one of his keynotes. His hands are up and away from his body as he emphasizes his point. Autumn sleeps at his feet.Booking a presentation is as easy as sending an email to RPierce@futureinsight.org or calling him at 603-546-8542. We customize all of our presentations to best meet your event objectives, including managing, when necessary, all the virtual aspects. We may also request travel expenses when distance warrants it. Typical presentations utilize an hour and can be adjusted as necessary for your event. An optional powerful A/V inclusion enhances the experience. We coordinate all bookings individually to ensure the utmost care in the connection of message and method for your event.

Allow Years of Experience to Work for You

Invite us to bring the benefit of decades of presentations to work for you. We’ve presented nationally to corporations and conferences ranging from keynotes at Fortune 500 firms to leading executive strategy sessions. Thousands of news articles join with hundreds of TV appearances and a handful of documentaries in showcasing the speaking talent and charisma prepared to guide your participants to new heights. We encourage you to look at a couple of web videos showcasing a little of Randy’s approach.

Randy featured on NHPTV’s Windows to the Wild — allows you to take a short hike on the trail and a greater journey with the man.

Watch Randy’s TEDx talk, “Vision Beyond Sight,” from the 2014 Amoskeag Millyard TEDx Event!

Find other selections of Randy’s coverage on our In the Media page.

Presentation Materials

In order to give you best access to materials supporting our presentation at your event, we include links to several files below. A strongly recommended, brief speaker-introduction script is offered for presenting Randy to your event audience (PDF and Word formats). Listed next are two versions of a full-page bio of Randy–best for use in printed programs, or an advance invitation, in PDF and Word formats. (These bios are not recommended for use in verbally introducing Randy.) A sample presentation (Windows PC version or Apple Keynote version) and a photograph or two can also be downloaded and used at your convenience for our event. Additional materials may be provided upon request or during the development of your specific event details.

Kate C. – COS Coordinator

Recently, Randy was the keynote for the President’s Celebration that took place during the Canadian Ophthalmological Society’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition (June 24-27, 2021). His energy and passion were beyond impressive. His message was relatable, and his humour impeccable. He was the perfect choice for a keynote speaker during the learning sessions for our delegates. From the outset his positivity, focus and professionalism did not go unnoticed. I, as well as our attendees, left his presentation feeling energized and invigorated. We have already received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on Randy’s keynote presentation, many who would also recommend him. For me personally, he was the bright light I needed during the difficult days of COVID isolation and as I navigate the personal grief of losing my son in January.

Lynne Walsh – Massachusetts Society for Medical Research

Randy gave the Keynote address for the Massachusetts Society for Medical Research Enrichment Symposium, in May 2021. The event was 100% virtual. Randy’s ability to connect with the audience and connect with them was truly inspiring. His message on how to find positivity in the face of adversity and challenges really resonated with the attendees who certainly experienced this during the COVID-19 pandemic. Randy’s talk was emotional, uplifting and engaging, and I would highly recommend him as a speaker to bring motivation, engagement and genuine connection with your audience.

Kate Connally – New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation

In September 2020, Randy Pierce gave a keynote presentation to participants of the New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation Direct Support Professional (DSP) Celebration event. Randy was inspiring, engaging, uplifting, incredibly motivating and any other positive word you can think of! Participants shared that it was one of the best keynote presentations they’ve heard. If you are looking for a presentation to kick-off your event or tie it all together in the most positive and uplifting way possible, Randy is the person to do that.

Steve Condon – The Allied Group

I have had the opportunity to hear Randy Pierce speak a couple of times – different venues but both were outstanding presentations! I heard Randy speak at the NESHMM event in October 2019, where he captured the attention of almost 200 health care professionals. I was in the audience at this event and was so impressed that I asked Randy to speak at our recent annual sales kickoff meeting, held virtually for a smaller group of 30. Randy completely captures his audience with his comments about resiliency, goal setting, and self-evaluation. Combine that with a powerful video and slide presentation and all I saw was an engaged audience for the entire time! Because of the pandemic, our kickoff meeting was held virtually for the first time – but hearing Randy over Zoom did not diminish any of his effectiveness! Many of our team members reached out immediately to state how they were riveted by his story – and to say he was one of the better speakers we have had at this annual meeting. Do your organization (and yourself!) a favor and have Randy at your next event!

Christabel Sheridan – Microsoft Corp.

Randy did a presentation to several of Microsoft’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). His presentation and its message resonated with the audience and left a deep, positive impression on everyone. His story is inspiring and the way he presents it is very authentic and approachable. We are looking forward to having him present to more groups at Microsoft.

Kim Parent – Head of North American Sales, Millipore Sigma

A couple of months ago I reached out to Randy about doing a motivational speech for my sales team. I was looking for something that spoke to resilience and overcoming obstacles and challenges. We are in the middle of the pandemic, and everyone is experiencing challenges both at work and in our home lives. I suspected Randy would be both motivating and inspiring, providing perspective while challenging us to reach our peak potential. We tuned in for his virtual talk at the end of our first virtual employee engagement day, on a Friday afternoon. I could not be more pleased with Randy’s talk and how incredibly powerful it was. The accolades from our commercial teams were tremendous and he touched every one of us in a truly meaningful way. Randy will be remembered in our organization for a very long time, and his messages are now being incorporated into our culture and purpose. I highly recommend Randy as a speaker to anyone. We can all learn a great deal from his incredible life stories and his unstoppable spirit.