A wide shot of the Andes Mountains with a snow covered Mt. Ausangate in the center. The 2020 team of eleven are hiking in the foreground on a beautiful day.

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Importance of the Walk for Sight: A Walk in My Shoes
19 May
By 2020Visionquest
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Autumn, a black and tan lab in a harness, next to Randy's legs in sneakers.

Autumn wants you to help support us!

Every year we put together a team for the Future In Sight “Walk for Sight” and I encourage as many of my friends as possible to join our team or donate to Autumn/me.

Why? The walk raises awareness and funds to directly support Future In Sight and 2020 Vision Quest as we split the funds raised if we meet our donation goals. Future In Sight is the organization that helped me learn the skills necessary to manage all aspects of my life throughout my various stages of sight loss. I doubt I will ever forget the feeling of helpless, hopeless frustration as my life began to change in a way I could not at the time imagine. Even when my sight was still significant, every step was anxiety-laden as I feared hitting my head, banging my shins, or the all too common and incredibly embarrassing reality of knocking into someone or knocking over some many things due to the restriction in my sight.

I wanted to simply hide from all those perceived perils and the world which might witness my incompetence. It’s a far cry from the confident and competent person I became with their skillful training and guidance. Whether learning to use a blind cane for “orientation and mobility” or even simple practical tips for managing my approach; this organization started me on the path and took me on a journey to living an independent and quality life. Now we have the chance to help ensure they have the resources and awareness enhancement to ensure thousands just like me have that similar benefit.

The very founding of 2020 Vision Quest was motivated by my desire to ensure this was possible. It is deeply personal to me and why I put so much time and effort into the work of 2020 Vision Quest. It is why we raise and donate funds for Future In Sight in many ways such as our Peak Potential Dinner and Auction which will run for the final time this year in an epic grand finale. Tickets go on sale on June 1, the same day as this Walk for Sight. This walk is an easy and family friendly means to connect a community to the cause and help us make a difference one step at a time. At the walk I will have several announcements to share with my team to start the appropriate build up for our grande finale at Peak Potential.

Those joining us will be the first to access those announcements, but all who support our efforts in all the various ways are already on the most important and well appreciated journey with me and for that, I thank you. My shoes have travelled a long way and made, I think, a worthy difference in our world. How many others are poised for similar possibilities because of the efforts we undertake to give a little support?

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