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I need your help! Less than 2 weeks til the Walk For Sight
19 Jul
By 2020Visionquest
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I challenge myself often, physically mentally and more. Even in these already challenging times I especially want to learn, grow and adapt to become better able to manage myself and the circumstances I am likely to face. When the original plans for the Walk for Sight needed to be postponed, I took my endurance experience virtual to run across New Hampshire. Now in appreciation for the previous  donors  and those who joined my team I’m going to challenge myself and hopefully many of you once again. The Walk for Sight is back as a 20 day virtual experience and I’ll be participating fully. I’m challenging you to join me in moving forward together whether by donating to Autumn and my efforts, joining our virtual team and taking part in the experiences or helping us share the message in any way you feel is reasonable. Everything you need to get started with any of these options is right here at:

Randy & Autumn’s personal page

This year’s event will be held as an online event and will run for 20 days, from August 1st through August 20th. Our team will be “20200 Vision Quest.” We’ll be traveling all around the Granite State, home to so many of my adventures! I’ll even have a daily video on the interactive map encouraging people to move forward in positive ways physically  and mentally!

Join us virtually, stopping each day along the way, to learn, laugh, raise money and win prizes. Using a fun Map of New Hampshire (reminiscent of vacation souvenirs) for our online “walk”, our daily stops along the way will be towns and cities that reflect Future In Sight’s impact while highlighting sponsors from those areas. The route is a secret, unfurling day by day, do you will want to check the Map Page each day. I hope you will consider joining my team as a participant. All participants can receive a t-shirt and there will be inclusive online activities and daily prizes for everyone to enjoy during the 20 days of the event.

Again, any gift large or small is very much appreciated. Every member of the team helps us step forward together towards our goal. Even the simple sharing of this opportunity might make the difference of eventual support. The money raised will help both 2020 Vision Quest and Future In Sight make the difference in critical training and services for people who experience sight loss. I know the difference they made in my life and I also know all too well how much more I might have struggled without this support. Please consider accepting my challenge and joining in the effort however you are able.

Thank you so much for your support!

Be Well!

Randy & Awesome Autumn

enthusiastic team of walkers pose for group picture.

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