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“I can only imagine” – Team Hoyt Inspiration and beyond!
19 Apr
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

Dick Hoyt pushing his son, Rick, in their first Boston Marathon (1981). Photo courtesy of www.teamhoyt.com.

Dick Hoyt pushing his son, Rick, in their first Boston Marathon (1981). Photo courtesy of www.teamhoyt.com.

On April 21, the Boston Marathon’s 118th running will highlight more than its usual share of incredibly inspiring stories. “One Year Stronger” will showcase the positive choices and progress from the horrific events of last year’s bombs. It is all too common to be caught with our focus on the worst of the news and yet so many of the most incredible examples in our world show the merit of doing just the opposite. Seek the inspiration and the motivation and ensure your vision includes reaching for those things which will bring you true reward.

This is allegedly the final running of the Boston marathon by Team Hoyt. The story of Dick and Rick Hoyt is for me one of the most inspiring larger than life stories as their youtube video suggests, I too, “Can Only Imagine.”

Watch the Inspiring Video of this Team

The Team Hoyt Story began with the birth of Rick in 1962. Due to oxygen deprivation at that time, he was “diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy.” It was suggested by the medical community at the time that there was no hope for an ordinary life–and perhaps that was fortunate, because it led instead to an extraordinary life for father, son, and a world full of inspired people who understand that we must learn to believe if we wish to truly achieve.

Quinn and Randy run the BAA 5k in April 2013.

Quinn and Randy run the BAA 5k in April 2013.

Dick and Judy Hoyt first had to choose to look beyond the obvious challenges and discover the intellect behind Rick’s eyes. They had to teach him despite suggestions it wasn’t possible and they proved how much was hidden by the physical impacts of his condition. Rick would prove even more by his perseverance and determination and his college degree and career certainly highlight. The athletic achievements of the team gained recognition as a sign of the bond of love and determination of a father and son, but the true message for me is found in the value and possibility of any human spirit to rise and showcase more than the world might imagine. Think about that when you answer the question in their video “Can You Imagine?” Think more on what can you imagine and how can you achieve it.

For my part, the Mighty Quinn inspired me to run once again and I will honor him with my training and running the Boston marathon on Monday April 20, 2015. Throughout this preparation, I encourage everyone to consider undertaking some healthy miles for their own benefit and to perhaps consider joining our “Miles 4 Quinn” community. Whether you walk, swim, paddle, peddle, roll, run or some other means to challenge yourself to imagine and realize more than you might have thought before. It has worked for Team Hoyt and it can work for all of us.

One response to ““I can only imagine” – Team Hoyt Inspiration and beyond!”

  1. Bob says:

    I am often amazed at the boundaries people set for others, only to see them disappear in the face of willpower, teamwork, and love.

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