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Hollis Upper Elementary Believes and Achieves!
06 May
By 2020
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Talent without working hard is nothing. Cristiano Ronaldo

Showing off a great donation

Linda Casazza and Randy show off the donation from Hollis Upper Elementary

One day after the 2017 Boston Marathon I walked into the Hollis Auditorium to attend the Upper Elementary Talent Show with teacher Linda Casazza kindly beside me. She had coordinated our March presentation to the students, as well as, our attendance for a brief presentation during the talent show from which we’d been told proceeds would help support our 2020 Vision Quest Charity. As the show began our student masters of ceremony began a guided tour of some of the lessons shared by our presentations and I am proud to say I felt an emotional surge of appreciation and pride to hear how well they had grasped the salient points of our outreach. “Believe in Possibility” and understand problem solving, planning and perseverance along with a healthy dose of teamwork are some of the tools to help any of us reach for our peak potential. I am not surprised today to share they were indeed very successful in their goal to use their diverse talents and creativity to make an incredibly generous donation to our organization. I think their own press release is the right way to share it along with my personal thank-you and the gratitude of all those who will benefit from the philanthropic spirit of students, parents, teachers and the Hollis community! Thank you to the entire community of the Hollis Upper Elementary School!

News Release

The Hollis Upper Elementary School held a talent and craft show in April. Many 4th, 5th, and 6th graders shared their crafting, dancing, singing and instrument playing talents as well as the much-anticipated faculty performance as the finale.

All of the proceeds raised were to support 2020VisionQuest, a local Nashua organization that was founded by Randy Pierce.  Randy, who unexpectedly lost his vision as an adult, visited the school in March and gave presentations to students and staff about his life, goal setting, and problem solving.

The mission of 2020VisionQuest is to “lead and inspire students and professionals to reach beyond adversity, achieve their peak potential, and achieve a vision beyond your sight”.

Randy was invited back to HUES on May 5 and was presented with a check for the proceeds from the talent show for $ 2889.11.  Those proceeds will support two visually impaired organizations: Future in Sight as well as Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

You can learn more about 2020Vision Quest and Randy’s personal story at 2020VisionQuest.org.

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