A wide shot of the Andes Mountains with a snow covered Mt. Ausangate in the center. The 2020 team of eleven are hiking in the foreground on a beautiful day.

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Hindsight and Foresight with “2020” Vision for 2019
06 Jan
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy, Tracy, and Autumn in Scotland, August 2018 at the top of Edinburgh Castle.

Randy, Tracy, and Autumn in Scotland, August 2018.

Launching into the new year, I join many in reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments and setbacks. I prefer to use these as a bit of a foundation for putting my focus forward on the upcoming year. For humorous reasons, I appreciate the expression “Hindsight is 20/20″ but the primary name of our charity was based on the year 2020 as we were looking forward, which is where I always hope to put more of my emphasis. We are closing in on that year 2020 so I thought it appropriate to reflect on five things from 2018 which stood out in my life and to then target five goals I have for 2019. The latter aren’t resolutions, as I generally resolve to make changes as soon as I find something warranting a change, but rather goals for the calendar year ahead personally and professionally.

Five Significant Moments of 2018

  1. Releasing our book, See You At The Summit tops the list as it was such an epic achievement. I continue to be encouraged by the early responses to this labor of love while appreciating the many positives wrought by writing it.
  2. Our Scotland vacation had been a dream of mine for many years and the reality of our trip was every bit as rewarding as I had dreamed!
  3. Winning my second National Marathon Championship with Rodney Andre guiding me through some tough miles was incredibly rewarding. More than the race, the championship, or even the great friendship developed along the way; the entire weekend celebration and community connection with the United States Association of Blind Athletes and the people behind all of this experience made for an epic part of the year.
  4. Departing the Board of Directors at Future In Sight after more than a decade was bitter sweet. I love the organization and their mission and expect to continue to be connected, involved, and appreciative of this charity. My full possible term came to an end and I will enjoy the break it brings even as I will want to do more for this organization.
  5. Stepping off the course of the Boston Marathon at mile 20.5 with the weather and course encouraging me to make the safe choice was a mixed moment of defeat and choosing the right response. It was the worst weather marathon I had ever experienced and I’m still sad for the impact on my guide Jose who gave stalwart positive support throughout the entire process. Even in failure, there is much to learn and many positive choices to make which is all part of why this is such a significant event in my 2018 reflections.

Looking Forward to 2019 Goals

  1. The Boston Marathon and I have some unfinished business! Not only do I have the DNF of last year but for a pair of years things have not gone as I would prefer after a fairly strong first running of the Boston Marathon. I’ll be back and trying to put one back fully in the “win” column.
  2. See You At The Summit has launched but we’ve now got to get the audio book out and enhance our efforts to ensure more of the world is aware of a book we think is worth the experience. In metrics I’d like to more than double the sales of our 2018 start. After all, we are donating the proceeds to our charity!
  3. Our 2020 expedition team is planning to take on another significant peak with Mount Chirripó in Costa Rica. The 37th most prominent peak in the world, it stands at just 12,536 feet. Far more than a hiking trip, these expeditions bring our team together for multiple experiences during our journey with the deepening friendships always being most prominent!
  4. My tandem cycling eased out of 2018 for a variety of reasons but I have several century rides back on the plans for the upcoming year. Brent Bell has been my tandem captain for many a journey and a few 100 miles on the tandem or triplet are ahead, including a couple of charity rides for MS and Diabetes.
  5. In undertaking a new type of athletic experience, I’ll follow Tracy’s lead in the triathalon world by hopefully working on my swimming enough to experience my first shorter length triathalon at either the sprint or Olympic distance. Rumor has it Rob Webber is interested in being a guide for me.

So there’s my list. I trust all of you have variations of your own?

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