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Happy Eighth Birthday, Quinn!
08 Dec
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

December 11 is the 8th Birthday of the Mighty Quinn and while that does place him into the average age for Guides to consider retirement, he is healthy, happy, and very young at heart! In honor of his day, we are writing on the lighter side today. We thought we’d detail Quinn’s favorite toys usually found at his favorite place to shop: Pet’s Choice in Merrimack, NH.

Randy and Quinn face off at Tug of War! Courtesy of Erb photography.

Tug of War Ropes!
In his all time favorite game, he demonstrates those powerful mountain climbing muscles with a move we call “the worm.” He’ll play the angles for stouter opponents and surprise many with his patented head shake. Always the gentleman–errr, dog–he’ll tone it down for the less exuberant as well.

Squeaky Ball:
A close second to tug is his squeaky ball. The more squeaks per second he can demonstrate, the higher his happiness. In a game of catch, his tremendous mouth-eye coordination and that tireless retriever spirit are always on display. His leaping-over-the-shoulder catching ability is simply astounding!

Quinn catches a ball out of mid-air! Courtesy of Erb photography.

Whether a wishbone or traditional (thanks Chrissie for the six bones for six years of working!), the goal isn’t about chewing but throwing it into the air, pawing it around, rolling on it and generally showing off silliness which belies his eight years of doggy erudition!

Squeaky Classic:
A fuzzy bone with squeakers is a two-individual game of keep away which has Quinn circling the keeper, weaving their legs and nimbly turning on a dime to snatch the prize and unleash a torrent of squeaky rewards!

Duck Hunt:
This stuffed duck with a “quacking” squeaker is a take-off on the age-old game of hide and seek. He sits patient and attentive as we hide the duck anywhere in the home or yard. When we point our finger and call out “Bang!” he’s off and running to let his nose and ancient instincts guide him to his prey. Occasionally looking like the Keystone Cops as he pursues room to room for a scent of the duck, Quinn always delights in his quacking, head-shaking retrieval!

While many more toys delight Quinn’s days, those are the top five. His playful zeal is why rewarding each working trip with a play session keeps both Quinn and me well immersed in the joys of life!

Happy Birthday, Quinn!

Randy and Quinn--best buds! Courtesy of Erb photography.

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