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Happy Birthday, Tracy!
07 May
By 2020
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By Randy Pierce

Tracy and Randy kissing with an elephant in the background.

Happy birthday, Tracy!

On Monday, May 9, Tracy will be celebrating her birthday. We will have celebrated over the weekend and well into the week. Certainly I’m a believer in celebrating as best possible every day in our lives. Each day can be bogged down in challenge, routine, and the distraction from our choice to find or make something special in each day. I aspire to ensure my beloved wife has my appreciation, devotion, and the best of my love each day. I aspire to ensure she knows that as well.

Our weekly blog enables us to share many important messages, exciting adventures, surprising revelations and yet few are as important as the notion of kindness and appreciation for those in our world who are important to us. Tracy enriches my life in many ways, she supports me personally, she supports the 2020 Vision Quest vision, and she finds many ways to give of herself to others. She has her frustrations, triumphs, and challenges as do we all. This week I want to share the gift she is in my life and to wish her as many moments of success and celebration as possible. Thank you for being so vital to my life and this charity! Happy Birthday!

3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Tracy!”

  1. Aunt Bet says:

    You and Tracy make a Wonderful couple. You were just waiting for each other. I know that she supports you in all your Life experience, and joins in. Tracy, I am very Happy that you joined this Family. I am glad to call you my niece…..

  2. Randy says:

    Thanks Aunt Bet – definitely a great benefit to me personally on so many levels and without her the 2020 Vision Quest Charity would not be possible.

  3. Colleen Dichard says:

    Hope you have a spectacular birthday, Tracy!

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