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Guest Blog: What I’ve learned in the past 3 months as an intern at 2020 Vision Quest
08 Aug
By 2020Visionquest
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As my time at 2020 Vision Quest wraps up, I want to use my last blog post to recap three major lessons I’ve learned. I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to put my marketing knowledge to the test before my senior year of college, and to have worked for such a positive organization. 

The first major lesson I learned was the importance of prioritizing. When I had my first meeting with Randy in May, I had a list of projects that I was interested in working on during the summer. There were about ten items on that list. I quickly learned that I had to prioritize which projects were most important to me in order to do my work thoroughly and successfully.

Once I had chosen the projects that I wanted to work on, I had a hard time juggling the competing demands. I learned that it is important to be able to pivot and understand what is most important when there are many tasks because sometimes, not everything can get done. I learned to budget my time by estimating how long each project would take me in the beginning of the week and then reviewing the accuracy of my time on Fridays. Eventually, I had a much better grasp on how long different types of work would take me which ultimately helped me prioritize my work more successfully. Understanding which projects would take the longest helped me learn to start working on them sooner rather than later. I anticipate that this skill will help me in school as I will have many competing obligations including work, academics, extracurriculars, and personal relationships. 

The second major lesson that I learned throughout this internship is the value in looking at the bigger picture. There were a few projects that I worked on where I had a strong opinion on going in a specific direction. While my opinion was important and valued, I realized that maintaining good relationships with team members and achieving the larger goal was more important than “being right.” It is easy for anyone to let their ego and emotions get in the way of productively working with others or achieving a goal. Throughout my time at 2020 Vision Quest, I learned to look at situations objectively and with the best interest of the organization in mind. This lesson can be applied to issues in school or in the workforce, but I also think there is a big takeaway for personal relationships as well. 

Finally, the third lesson I learned was to have grace for myself and for others. While it is important to be disciplined, responsive, accountable, it is just as important to understand that not every piece of work will be perfect. In situations where I found it challenging to produce my best work, I often asked for help from others. Similarly, I always try to remember that team members are human too and not everything they do will be “perfect.” Learning to be flexible with myself and others was challenging for me at first but also extremely helpful in improving relationships with others and myself. 

Overall, I learned a lot throughout this internship process and would like to thank Randy for giving me this opportunity. It was incredibly valuable to me professionally, but also personally as I have learned many life lessons in my time working for 2020 Vision Quest. Thanks for a great summer!

– Caroline Brown

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