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Guest Blog: The process and importance of drafting a mission statement collaboratively
11 Jul
By 2020Visionquest
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Conference room with people surrounding a conference table, looking at laptops, watching a colleague give a presentation.One of the most significant projects I am working on as an intern at 2020 Vision Quest is reworking the mission statement. Throughout this process, I am gaining a more thorough understanding of the values, impact, and objectives of the organization which ultimately informs every other marketing project I work on. In this blog post, I want to dissect what it means to rewrite a mission statement and how this process can be used to bring team members together.

Initially, we deemed it important to rewrite the mission statement because we wanted it to be cleaner and more concise, as the current statement resembles more of a vision statement than a mission statement. 

In my initial stages of rewriting the mission statement, I gained a complete understanding of the goals of this organization and the steps that we take to achieve those goals. In the process of learning about this, I asked questions and listened to others, which was pivotal to my knowledge and my integration into the team. Some of the questions that I asked included:

  1. What are our main objectives?
  2. How do we achieve those ends?
  3. What is the main message we are trying to convey?

After learning more about 2020 Vision Quest, I conducted research on how to properly write a mission statement. I found it helpful to explore how other organizations structured their mission statements to get some inspiration. Surprisingly, there was a fair amount of variation in the length, tone, and information that was included. This helped me recognize that a mission statement should showcase the culture of an organization while still providing clear information about its purpose. Additionally, I researched the formal guidelines on how to write a mission statement and what it should include. All of this information helped me to be better prepared for how to accomplish this task correctly.

Next, I wrote two versions of a new mission statement and presented them to the team where we worked collaboratively to revise my work. Accepting feedback and creating open communication with team members was essential to refining the mission statement to be clear, effective, and engaging.

A mission statement should represent the beliefs and values of the entire organization which makes it essential to get as much feedback as possible. I learned that while it may be difficult to receive suggestions and feedback, this process is important when working in a team and cultivating a positive work environment. Ultimately, the suggestions that I received strengthened the draft of the mission statement significantly.

As a new member of this team, working on the mission statement was daunting at first, but I quickly realized the power of collaboration and asking for feedback. This process brought people from all different backgrounds together to share their knowledge and skills. I realized that the end product is important, but the process of writing taught me what it meant to work in this team.

Keep watching the 2020 Vision Quest blog and social feeds for more announcements about our new mission statement!

Be well,
Caroline Brown

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