A wide shot of the Andes Mountains with a snow covered Mt. Ausangate in the center. The 2020 team of eleven are hiking in the foreground on a beautiful day.

For Community Groups

January, 2022 update: We are thrilled Randy is the President & CEO of Future In Sight, however that regrettably means that 2020 Vision Quest is no longer able to provide group presentations. Our educational videos are still available on our YouTube channel! If you’d like to contact him, feel free to send him an email or by phone 603-546-8542.

Reaching Our Peak Potential through the Power of Community

Picture of Randy presenting to a large circle of campers in an outdoor setting

A strong community has been a foundation of our success, and we’re committed to help serve the many organizations beyond schools and corporations that would benefit from one of our presentations. Whether a youth group such as Scouts, a civic organization such as Lions, or even a local library interested in some or several aspects of our experience and message, we’re ready to join you live when circumstances reasonably allow–or virtually, as COVID-19 has taught so many of us. The presentations, delivered by Randy Pierce, integrate life lessons with engaging stories of his progress through managing adversity. He learned to thrive not just in spite of challenge but perhaps because of it. We believe Randy’s captivating approach provides audiences with essential knowledge and inspiration through all walks of life. We’ll work with your organization to ensure that the schedule, duration, and points of emphasis are ideal for your needs. Thousands of gratifying testimonials suggest that you, too, will be glad you invited us to speak with your group.

Picture of Randy standing with his cane, making a presentation with a woman seated beside him.

What Should I Expect?

Thousands of prior presentations have helped refine Randy’s speaking skills to combine humorous and emotionally intense anecdotes. He will motivate and inspire many to reevaluate their lives and reach for their own peak potential personally, professionally and philanthropically. He may take you on the journey from his typical life into the challenge of becoming completely blind and confined to a wheelchair before rising to any number of his surprising life achievements. Whether as a hiker, runner, skier, martial artist, board member, or even inductee as a fan into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he’ll explain the reasons and methods anyone can use to achieve success in their lives. Throughout the presentation, which can be supported with powerful images and video clips, the power of teamwork, communication, problem solving and perseverance will resonate with your participants.

Presentation Materials

In order to give you best access to materials supporting our presentation at your event, we include links to several files below. A strongly recommended, brief speaker-introduction script is offered for presenting Randy to your event audience (PDF and Word formats; adult audience and youth audience versions). Listed next is a full-page bio of Randy–best for use in printed programs, or an advance invitation, in both PDF and Word formats. (These bios are not recommended for use in verbally introducing Randy.) A sample presentation (Windows PC version or Apple Keynote version) and a photograph or two can also be downloaded and used at your convenience for our event. Additional materials may be provided upon request or during the development of your specific event details.