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Going Over the Edge Once Again – Live United #LUOTE2019!
09 Jun
By 2020Visionquest
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Randy steps over the edge of the two-story Brady-Sullivan Tower to rappel down the side of the building with the Manchester skyline in the distance.On Thursday, June 27, I will once again join United Over the Edge to rappel down the 24-story Brady-Sullivan Tower in Manchester, NH. Why would I do it a second time? Wasn’t I satisfied at facing the fear/anxiety/nervousness last year?

I’m choosing to “Live United Over the Edge” not just for this event but as an approach to life in general. The reality is so many people feel on the edge of serious challenge. Often facing seeming hopelessness or helplessness they find their security lines by the good grace of the many charitable efforts which strengthen our communities. This is the entire principle behind this program for us all to Live United Over the Edge. We come together in community and support all the many charities who make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many. It is not about one charity or cause, rather about all of them and the spirit of understanding that by coming together we do provide those essential safety lines necessary.

As Founder and President of 2020 Vision Quest, I’ve had the fortune to encounter so many incredible people and missions making a difference. The United Way is bringing together more than 20 charities who are all raising some funds and much awareness of what we can all accomplish together. So will I face the very real fear and apprehension anyone should have on the edge of a 24-story rooftop? Easily, and I’ll remind myself of the thousands who benefit from the example set by all those doing similarly.

I encourage you to explore the many people and charities undertaking this mission and give support to them or us in whatever fashion you feel inspired. If you want to come cheer me on, I wouldn’t mind a little support as I work my way down the ropes, celebrating my ability awareness and that of all of us to make a difference for so many. Imagine what would happen if we all lost our safety lines in life…

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